ECDC predicts just under 200 daily cases during holiday period

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With the holiday period coming up, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have released projections which predict just under 200 daily cases for Malta.

These projections take into consideration Malta’s various preventive measures such as closure of bars and clubs, mandatory mask-wearing and ban on mass events.

The data also suggests a registration of around four deaths per day during the Christmas period and also presents an alternative scenario where Malta shuts down non-essential businesses, schools and travel which may bring cases down to under 50 a day.


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Crowded buses during pandemic raise concerns

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Large crowds smack bang in the middle of a global pandemic are definitely something one should avoid but on certain occasion, you don’t really have a choice.

Malta Daily has received several reports from individuals concerned with current maximum capacity of public buses as photos show large crowds in a small enclosed area, albeit wearing their masks.

This issue is certainly one of concern and the maximum amount if people in a bus should be addressed and adhered to avoid the spread of COVID-19, however, it should be recognised that many do not have the luxury of choosing which bus they board due to work and responsibilities.


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Premier League clubs to start welcoming fans back to stadiums

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After the halt of England’s lockdown, a multiple-tier system has been introduced which will begin allowing limited amounts of fans back into stadiums.

Liverpool, Chelsea, Brighton and West Ham are the teams which will be welcoming fans back to their stadiums as they classify in the tier 2 areas.

The matches allowing fans will be Brighton hosting Southampton, Chelsea vs. Leeds, Liverpool against wolves and West Ham vs. Manchester United, with the other games being in tier 3 areas, not allowing fans.


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Konrad Mizzi refuses to testify; calls Caruana Galizia inquiry a ‘charade’

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Reports have revealed that former minister Konrad Mizzi refuses to testify in the Caruana Galizia public inquiry and went on to call it a politicised “charade”.

Mizzi was due to testify on Friday after being removed from his position and minister and from the Labour Party in the past few months due to Mizzi’s connection with the Panama Papers and 17 Black.

The former minister found issue with his relevance in this case and said that it makes little sense for him to testify in front of two PN members.


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