€36,000 Annually For New Teachers in 2027, Education Minister Confirms

€36,000 Annually For New Teachers in 2027, Education Minister Confirms
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Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima confirmed that in 2027, teachers will have €36,000 in gross annual income.

When asked whether in the year 2027, new educators will be getting €36,000 in yearly income, to which he replied, “I can confirm that, thanks to the collective agreement which kickstarted on January 1st 2023 and goes on to the year 2027, yes those are the figures that we are discussing.”

Approached by Malta Daily, Minister Grima clarified the current concerns and queries on the current teachers agreement, highlighting that on Thursday, the MUT met with its members on the agreement. The Minister highlighted that at this stage, it is crucial to take in consideration the various aspects which are not being discussed. The calculations take into consideration teachers’ allowances and scales of progress, amongst other factors.

The Minister appealed to the public to taking everything into consideration, highlight that “no one noticed or realised the jump in allowances between the last collective agreement and the new one, where you have thousands of euro in allowances…”

An email sent to Malta Daily by a frustrated teacher highlights discrepancies in the proposed salary increases for educators, amidst national discussions on teacher pay raises. On Thursday, MUT members convened at De La Salle College to voice their opinions on the proposed agreement.

This comes in light email stated, “It was widely broadcasted on the media when Clifton Grima said that teachers will be getting a €10,000 increase pre-tax in their salary and that an NQT will get a starting salary of €36,000. This is nowhere near what we were presented with yesterday evening during the meeting. Attached find the photo presented to us with the values, reducing the allowances that we already have, the maximum increase for the maximum scale achieved is €6,800! So not even a fully qualified teacher with experience at scale 7 will be getting anything close to €36,000! I think this should be published in the media as well to show that we did not get what we were promised.”


Michelle Muscat Speaks Out On Ongoing Corruption Case

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Michelle Muscat, wife of former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, took to Instagram to address the ongoing corruption case involving her husband. On Tuesday, Joseph Muscat pleaded “absolutely not guilty” as he, along with former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, former Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and others were dealt with a number of charges including corruption, money laundering and more.

In her Instagram post, Michelle Muscat expressed frustration over the legal restrictions imposed on her husband, particularly his inability to speak publicly about the case. She highlighted that the Attorney General allegedly denied her husband from speaking, in a country where we boast of our European Values and Freedom of Speech. On a recent Instagram posted accompanied by a selfie, she wrote:

“In a country where we pride ourselves on European values and everyone can exercise freedom of speech, the Attorney General decided to deny my husband the right to speak. We’ve come a long way. Everyone can say and invent whatever they want about this famous inquiry (and more). They can make programs and invent and say what they want. No one wanted or tried to stop them. Only Joseph cannot speak. Who is bothered when he speaks? Who doesn’t want him to continue communicating with people? Imagine if the Attorney General stopped someone else from speaking as statements and protests have been issued for a long time. And now that he can’t speak, the lies have increased. They even scandalise themselves that he continues to work both in Malta and abroad. They are scandalised that we get up in the morning and continue to work. Hysterical stories suitable for a film. No wonder they were surprised by the large and civil gathering in Valletta. Therefore, I thank everyone for the support you are giving us wherever you meet us.”

What do you make of this?


Wholesome TikTok Captures Students’ Surprise for Beloved Teacher

Wholesome TikTok Captures Students' Surprise for Beloved Teacher
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A heartwarming TikTok video has captured the wholesome moment a local educator was surprised by his students with a cake and a card. The video, posted by the TikTok account @mylifeisspajsichicken17, titled “wieħed tal-aħħar” (“one for the end”), suggests that this might be the students’ last lecture with their beloved teacher.

The candid footage shows the educator visibly ecstatic and deeply touched by the surprise, highlighting the strong bond between him and his students. The video quickly gained attention online, with viewers flooding the comments section with compliments. Comments such as “Well done, one of the best teachers,” “In Mario we trust,” and “too cute” reflect the admiration for the teacher.

This touching moment not only showcases the impact that a dedicated educator can have on their students but also emphasises the appreciation and respect within the classroom.

Kudos to the students for the initiative!


Mental Health First Aid Courses Amongst Year 9s in All Schools

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Addressing the challenges of mental health within the community truly is possible, but the community must first be sufficiently informed and trained to assist those facing this challenge. This was the message sent by Dr. Lydia Abela during a discussion with Year 9 students at the Żejtun Secondary School, after they completed a mental health first aid course.

The course, part of the ‘SPEAK’ initiative, aims to raise awareness about mental health and is now offered to ninth-grade students in all schools. Funded by donations from the ‘Smiles with Miles’ initiative and the Bank of Valletta, the course is a result of collaboration with the Richmond Foundation.

The course helps students understand how to provide initial assistance to individuals with mental health challenges. Dr. Abela worked closely with the Foundation and the Commissioner for Mental Health, Dennis Vella Baldacchino, to develop the course, which trains students to identify signs of mental health issues. The 25-hour course is also available to educators, emphasising sensitivity and empathy. So far, around five thousand students and three hundred and thirty educators have participated.

Dr. Abela emphasised that mental health should be a regular topic of discussion and addressed appropriately. She highlighted the importance of society supporting everyone to recover and live better lives, promoting awareness and prevention.

Also present were Education Minister Clifton Grima and Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela, who praised the initiative for aligning with the Government’s vision and demonstrating that mental health involves more than just treatment and medication.