€3,000 higher average gross for Maltese men than women

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€3,000 higher average gross for Maltese men than women

According to a new study by the National Statistics Office for 2020, men were found to be making €3,000 more than women on average. 

In Malta, the annual average gross salary for men was set at €20,188, whereas that of women was set at €17,453. This translates to a difference of €2,735. 

The difference in Gozo was far less at €281, being €17,743 for women and €17,462 for men. Women in Gozo thus make slightly more money than their Maltese counterparts. 

The average gross annual basic salary for employees was estimated at €18,913 two years ago. The study also found that just over 85,300 people living in private households were at risk of poverty, which is an increase of 2,600 over the previous year. 


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4,702 fines related to e-scooters issued in 2021 by police

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4,702 fines related to e-scooters issued in 2021 by police

A total of 4,702 contraventions related to e-scooters during 2021 were issued by police and LESA officers, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said in Parliament. 

Camilleri was replying to a parliamentary question filed by PN MP Graziella Attard Previ yesterday. 

The majority of fines were due to the scooters being left in a manner which caused obstructions. There was also a substantial amount of fines related to how people ride the scooters. 

The data tabled by the Minister showed that 1,491 out of the total number were issued for the ‘driver causing obstruction of inconvenience to the public. A further 1,253 were issued for parking on the pavement whilst 724 were issued for obstructing free passage. 

646 fines were issued for parking the scooter on a doubly yellow line and 84 for riding the scooter on a road, on footpaths or on promenades. Sliema and St Julians’ were the localities most afflicted by such offences. 

1,275 fines were issued in Sliema, with 1,110 in St Julians’. 554 were issued in Gzira, followed by Msida, San Gwann and Birkirkara at 532, 273 and 186 respectively. As for 2022, a total of 128 have been issued by officers between January and May. 


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5 pastizzi flavours we’d like to see in Malta now that truffle is a thing

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5 pastizzi flavours we'd like to see in Malta now that truffle is a thing

Now that truffle pastizzi are actually a thing, and a very successful one at that, our mind couldn’t help but wander into the depths of what else could be. From classic meaty flavours to left-field takes on traditional ideas… here are 5 pastizzi flavours we’d like to see in Malta now that truffle is a thing.

Maltese Sausage

This smoky Maltese snack is one of the country’s favourite flavours, especially during the summer months. We’re fairly certain that if it had to be incorporated into Malta’s most iconic flaky snack, it would be a match made in heaven for meat lovers everywhere.


An all-time favourite, vegetarian-appropriate packed with flavour; the classic mixture of basil leaves, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil fits on almost everything and we think it would make a great limited edition pastizz. We’ve seen pesto pastries, pesto pizza, pesto pasta and so much more… maybe it’s time for the pesto pastizz.

Stuffat tal-Fenek

A timeless Maltese dish which has been around for generations, the Maltese Rabbit Stew has had many iterations throughout Malta’s gastronomical history and it would only be fitting if we tried a Stuffat tal-Fenek pastizz at least once. Then, whether you want to follow it up with a piping hot plate of rabbit stew spaghetti and ice cold pint of Cisk is your choice.

Ħelwa tat-Tork

A dessert pastizz is the stuff of Maltese snack dreams and if we had to choice which culinary creation would best cross paths with the flaky Maltese favourite, the Ħelwa tat-Tork immediately comes to mind. The crumbly, nutty, vanilla dessert would be a surprisingly sweet substitute to the classic ricotta filling (which is honestly the best one, right?).


We’re 100 percent sure that this idea will ruffle a few feathers, but you have to admit that it’s worth a try at the very least. The mixture is typically found in spaghetti dishes but has made its way into other food variations, we can easily see ourselves munching on a crispy golden pastizz with eggs, Pecorino Romano, guanciale and black peppers

Which flavour would you like to see?



Teen with grievous injuries after falling and getting caught in metal gate

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Teen with grievous injuries after falling and getting caught in metal gate

Police were informed yesterday at around 2100hrs that their assistance was needed in Triq is-Sur, Fgura due to an incident which had occurred. 

From preliminary investigations, a 13-year-old girl had slipped and fallen, ending up getting caught on the metal gate of a private residence. 

Members of the Civil Protection Department and a medical team convened on site to help the girl. She was certified to have suffered grievous injuries when she was taken to Mater Dei Hospital. 

Investigations by police are still ongoing. 


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