€20,000 Bus Shelter In Santa Venera Met With Backlash

€20,000 Bus Shelter In Santa Venera Met With Backlash
Jun 19 2024 Share

Newly-elected PN councillor has directed attention towards a €20,000 steel bus shelter installed in Triq il-Kbira, San Ġużepp.

Carabott told Times of Malta that his main issue is that the former mayor did not respond when asked how much it cost, with Carabott and others calling the shelter an ‘eyesore’ and far beyond its ideal price point.

Former mayor Stephen Sultana told Times of Malta that the shelter was listed in tender and that it was “a normal, transparent tendering process.”

Questions have since been raised about the bus shelter, with many taking to social media to give their two cents on the shelter, which cost the council €19,872.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament and PN Spokesperson for Transport, Roads, Mobility and Aviation President Mark Anthony Sammut took to social media to give an idea of what could have been, instead of the current shelter, showing bus shelters in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

What do you think of the shelter?


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Salt Bae Spotted in Malta

Salt Bae Spotted in Malta
Jun 19 2024 Share

Salt Bae, the renowned Turkish chef and owner of the global restaurant chain Nusr-Et, was recently spotted in Malta.

The media personality, known for his unique salt-sprinkling style that became a viral sensation, has captivated fans worldwide.

His unexpected visit to the island was highlighted by a recent Facebook post from local Christopher Cassar, who shared a picture of the chef with the Valletta Cultural Agency team, “while preparing for the Valletta Pageant of the Seas 2024.

Most famous for slapping meat and spreading salt, could we be seeing a Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Malta anytime soon?


Justin Timberlake Charged For Driving While Intoxicated

Justin Timberlake Charged For Driving While Intoxicated
Jun 19 2024 Share

Pop icon Justin Timberlake was arraigned on charges of driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, early Tuesday morning, according to his attorney. Timberlake, known for his successful music and acting career, was apprehended after failing to stop at a stop sign and swerving out of his lane in a 2025 BMW, as per a statement from Sag Harbor Police.

The incident occurred around 12:37 a.m., with police reports indicating Timberlake’s eyes were “bloodshot and glassy,” and a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” was detected on his breath. Timberlake admitted to having “one martini” and claimed he was following friends home.

During the field sobriety tests, Timberlake reportedly exhibited slow speech, unsteady footing, and was unable to divide his attention, leading to poor performance on the tests. He refused a chemical test three times, according to court documents, stating, “No, I’m not doing a chemical test.”

Timberlake was held overnight and released without bail following his arraignment. He faces additional charges for running a stop sign and failure to maintain his lane. His next court appearance is set for July 26, and is expected to be virtual, according to the Suffolk County district attorney’s office. The arrest followed Timberlake’s departure from the American Hotel, a well-known spot in the Hamptons.


Initiative to raise €100,000 for Malta’s Animal Shelters by Maltese ultra athlete Fabio Spiteri

Jun 19 2024 Share

Fabio Spiteri is an inspirational figure in the ultra-endurance sports world, particularly known for his remarkable achievements in long distance triathlons and cycles around Sicily. Last year his attempt to complete the Deca x 10 Triathlon in Brazil saw him raise €52,000 for cat feeders and animal shelters

Inspite of injury last year, his passion for endurance sport and the well being of animals has not diminished such that Project 100 was recently launched.  

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Drawn from his love of animals, particularly those who are abandoned or ill treated and who depend on animal shelters, Project 100 is a continuation of Spiteri’s efforts to raise thousands of euros in funds towards animals’ well being.

This year Spiteri will be undertaking two gruelling races, the Quintuple Ironman World Championships in Colmar, France and the Deca x10 Ironman in Italy.

His first sortie, will be the Quintuple Ironman World Championships in  Colmar, France, which will consist of 5 Ironman distances in quick succession and will start on the 24th June

To the unitiated this consists of a 19km swim a 900km bike and a 211km run.  Spiteri is no stranger to this race, having completed this race two years ago with a total time of 111 hours. This race will serve Spiteri well as it is part of his preparation for the Deca x 10 Ironman later on in September.

The Deca 10x Ironman in is double the distance – 38km swim, 1800km and 422km – such is the gruelling nature of this endeavour, that only 10 people have applied, and far less will eventually finish.

For Spiteri there is unfinished business with the Deca, his endeavour being cut short after suffering from painful blisters and a torn muscle. 

As he aims to be the first Maltese to complete the Deca, he explained that such endeavours are carried out because they are a good way to pique interest amongst the non-sporting community to donate money towards this worthy cause.

“There are less than 100 people who have managed to complete the Deca, so am very determined to achieve this goal this year.  That said, from the start of the Quintaple until the end of Deca we have around five months to raise the targeted amount which will see food and medicines distributed amongst animal shelters and feeders. I am counting in well known Maltese generosity for me to reach this target” commented Spiteri.

Project 100 is sponsored by Royal Canin Malta, GasanMamo Insurance, Betclic, Visit Malta, ProUp, and supported Wheel Wizard (Malta), Eurosport Malta, Garmin Malta, Go&Fun Green Energy Drink, ABUS Cycling, Rise Physio +, For A Cause Events, Masseur Philip Cachia,  24/7 Fitness Club, Waggo’s, and Kuluri.

Donations can be made, by writing “FABIO”

Revolut: +356 99816248
Paypal: [email protected]
Paypal: https://paypal.me/RealAnimalRights?locale.x=en_US

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