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€158.7 million spent by outbound tourists between October and December

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€158.7 million spent by outbound tourists between October and December

According to new statistics released by the National Statistics Office (NSO), the total outbound tourists for the fourth quarter in 2022 was estimated at 180,215.

Meanwhile, total nights spent during the period under review amounted to 1,214,296. A total of 109,979 outbound tourist trips were undertaken for holiday purposes (61%). 

45,856 trips were taken to visit friends and relatives, with most outbound tourists aged between 25 and 44 (49.1%). 

This was followed by the 45-64 age bracket at 28.7%. Meanwhile, Italy remained the most popular destination, with a total share of 33% of total tourist trips. 

The largest share of guest nights stood at 50.8%, and was spent in non-rented accommodation establishments. Meanwhile, the average length of stay of total outbound tourists stood at 6.7 nights. 

The total expenditure by outbound tourists between October and December surpassed €158.7 million, which is equivalent to an average €881 per person. 

As per the entire year, the total outbound tourist trips for the year 2022 numbered 601,701. Total nights spent by outbound tourists surpassed 4.2 million nights. The total estimated outlay by resident tourists stood at €517.5 million. 



‘Anal sex is an abomination’ says River of Love head pastor

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'Anal sex is an abomination' says River of Love head pastor

Speaking during a River of Love sermon on the 18th of February, head pastor Gordon Manche, whilst discussing sex and marriage, said that ‘anal sex is an abomination.’

‘It is not just a sin, but an abomination’ he said, going on to claim that it introduces demonic forces into one’s life. He went on to claim that this practice is an abomination both in heterosexual couples as it is in homosexual couples. 

Manche went on to question who could teach this to people, also saying that the likes of Education Minister would not teach people about this. 

‘God wants his people to be educated. Who do you think will teach you this? The education minister’ said Manche. 

‘Anal sex is a sin, it is demonic and it will enter a curse in your life’ he continued. 

Earlier in the broadcasted sermon titled ’No, God did not make you that way’, Manche says that God did not make a person a fornicator, but the person would still fornicate. 

In defining what a ‘fornicator’ is, Manche points to it as any sexual act involving two men.’ Manche has received criticism in the past for his statements, which many deemed to be homophobic.

MaltaDaily does not condone claims made by Manche in any way shape or form.



Cat refuses to leave rescuer’s side after Turkey earthquake

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Cat refuses to leave rescuer's side after Turkey earthquake

Among the survivors of the 7.7 and 7.6 magnitude earthquakes which struck both Turkey and Syria was a cat found trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building in the Defne district. 


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The cat, named Enkas and roughly translates to Rubble, was rescued by one of the rescue team members named Ali Cakas – and he now refuses to leave the responder’s side. 

The rescued sign instantly became a symbol of hope amid the tragic catastrophe, having survived with minor injuries and accompanying the rescuer by standing on his shoulder. 

Rubble went on to become viral after the team noticed he stuck around and never leaving Ali’s side. Ali even decided to adopt the cat and take him home, making him the mascot of the Mardin Fire Department. 


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The rescue teams are still managing to find people under the rubble, despite the harsh and freezing conditions the survivors have to endure as they await rescue. 


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Malta recognised as one of Europe’s LGBTIQ+ friendliest countries

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Malta recognised as one of Europe's LGBTIQ+ friendliest countries

Malta’s continuous work to progress and integrate equality for the LGBTIQ+ community has just been acknowledged in the annual report published on Monday by the ILGA Europe organisation. 

The report shows that, during the year 2022, Malta continued to make significant steps to strengthen the rights and equality for the LGBT community. 

The report refers to the group SOGIGESC – Human Rights Directorate, which worked on various campaigns to educate about LGBTIQ rights and other related matters. 

The report also highlighted the continued education for people in various public sectors, including educators, police officials, etc. 

Malta organised the first Pride March in Gozo in 2022 as well as removed the discriminatory practice of not allowing gay men from donating blood. 

Next September, Malta will hold Europride, which will see various events and campaigns directed towards further education and strengthening of equality and rights for LGBTIQ+ people. 

Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality Rebecca Buttigieg welcomed this recognition with open arms, saying that this report is clear indication that Malta is working for a more just and equal society. 


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