€100 grant increase for anyone who has a baby or adopts

 - Budget 2022 - Oct 11
€100 for anyone who has a baby or adopts

A 2022 Budget measure will attempt to help new parents by giving anyone who has a baby or adopts an extra €100. The grant, which was first introduced in the Budget 2020, will increase from €300 to €400, with the Finance Minister stating that this will benefit around 4,000 parents. Starter-packs will also be given to these parents, packs with sustainable baby products. 

Minister Clyde Caruana revealed that the government will start discussions at the MCESD level in order for Malta to have a position to implement a directive of the European Union on parental leave and work-life balance. The EU directive includes the extension of paid paternity leave to 10 days and introduces two months of paid leave for each parent which can be used until a child is eight years old. 


Photo Source: Clyde Caruana FB

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