Durex and Diesel create a 200,000 condom box mountain

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Durex and Diesel create a 200,000 condom box mountain

For Diesel’s fall 2023 runway show in Milan, creative director Glenn Martens hosted an all-red interior with a massive pile of red and white boxes of condoms. 

The boxes was a collaboration between the fashion design brand and Durex, aiming to give the upcoming collection debut a tongue in cheek launch. 

An estimated 200,000 boxes of condoms were used to amass the pile, which has since gone social media viral. The mountain of condom boxes follows Diesel’s viral shows by Martens who staged human balloon sculptures. 


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The new stunt is part of a Diesel x Durex collaboration which is set to release this spring called ‘For Sucsexful Living’. Free condoms will also be provided for everyone at the brand’s stores in April. 

“Sex positivity is something amazing. We like to play at Diesel, and we are serious about it,” Martens said in a press release. “Have fun, respect each other, be safe. For Sucsexful Living!”

The condoms were also reportedly sent individually as invitations for show guests, which included Julia Fox. Milan Fashion Week previews upcoming fashion collections with runway shows and presentations in Milan, Italy and is set to be held between February 22nd to 27th. 


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Maltese dog steals people’s hearts and goes TikTok viral

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Maltese dog steals people's hearts and goes TikTok viral

A video uploaded to TikTok by user Mario Camilleri stole people’s hearts as Brandy the dog amassed a whopping 24.3K views on the social media platform.


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In the video, Camilleri is telling his pet dog, sitting on a chair in an office, that she cannot bark at people when in the work place. 

Her owner also offers her a treat but takes time to show off just how good of a girl Brandy is when obeying orders. That is, until the very last second when someone opens the door and she forgets all about the no barking rule! 

But who can be mad at her when she’s got those puppy dog eyes and delivers the cutest of kisses? 


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Manchester United could be bought out for $6 billion by Qatari sheikh

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Manchester United could be bought out for $6 billion by Qatari sheikh

Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad J.J. Al Thani, the third son of Qatar’s former prime minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, made headlines when he announced his multi-billion-pound bid for Manchester United. 

While he had no Wikipedia entry prior to the announcement, he has become the face of what some see as the leading bid for the football club. 

Sheikh Jassim has hired Bank of America Corp. as one of the advisers for his bid, and he is backed by almost unlimited wealth.

Sheikh Jassim’s offer for Manchester United, which is currently owned by the Glazer family, could value the club at about £5 billion ($6 billion), surpassing the record price paid for the Denver Broncos NFL team. 

Sheikh Jassim has been involved in various business enterprises with close ties to the government and has held positions on the boards of some of the largest Qatari companies, including Qatar Islamic Bank and Qatar Navigation.

If Sheikh Jassim succeeds in his bid, he will have to navigate his family’s deal with the Glazer family, who have been considering their investment in the club since last year. 

The Glazer family purchased Manchester United in a 2005 leveraged buyout, which saddled the club with massive debts, and they have faced distrust from hardcore supporters ever since. 

Sheikh Jassim will also have to convince UEFA that the source of his wealth is not linked to Paris St. Germain, currently owned by Qatar Sports Investments.

While Sheikh Jassim’s bid for Manchester United has made headlines, he will face rivals wherever he turns, including Manchester City and Newcastle United, who are currently undergoing a renaissance funded by the Saudi wealth fund.



Here’s what caused this morning’s fog all over Malta

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Here’s what caused this morning’s fog all over Malta

Head of the Facebook weather page ‘It-Temp Madwarna’ Samuel Cutajar gave MaltaDaily a brief explanation as to what caused the intense fog this morning all over the Maltese islands. 

Cutajar explained how the fog that formed was the weather phenomenon that occurs when the forecasted day is a sunny one. The fog is also usually a prelude to a couple of very hot days, with the force of wind registered as absolutely calm at 0.

The cold air precipitates downwards due to being heavier than the hotter air, explained Cutajar. The fog is more intense in low altitude zones such as valleys and central regions. 

Despite today’s fog being dense enough to cover even high altitude areas, the phenomenon usually decreases when one moves higher and closer to the sea. 

As the day progresses and becomes hotter, the sun heats the air and thus disintegrates the fog. ‘Fog is nothing but a cloud which forms upside down’ he explained. 

This occurs due to inversion, which is when cold air drops lower than warm air as opposed to normal. 


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