‘Dumb phones’ reportedly making a comeback with Gen Z

'Dumb phones' reportedly making a comeback with Gen Z
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Despite the constant releases of new iPhones and other technological gadgets, it seems as though Gen Z might be reverting back to ‘dumb phones’ such as Nokia. 

Apparently, Nokia reportedly sold tens of thousands of phones each month last year. According to HMD Global, the US saw a rise in feature flip phone sales in 2022 as well. 

The finding follows a Counterpoint Research report which suggests that nearly 80% of feature phone sales, like the Blackberry, in 2022 were from the Middle East, Africa and India. 

The rise in dumb phones, as opposed to smart phones due to their lack of internet connectivity and touchscreens, may be attributed to rising awareness of the harmful psychological effects of constant exposure to social media. 

Experts are suggesting that there might be a 5% increase in dumb phone sales in the coming years. And even though this won’t put smart phone producers under any serious pressure (just yet), it does seem to indicate a shifting mentality when it comes to social media and the use of technology. 


April 2023 already registered double the rain than March 2023

April 2023 already registered double the rain than March 2023
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According to weather forecast page It-Temp Madwarna, April 2023 has already registered more rain than four out of 5 recent months and double that of March 2023. 

All this occurred in the span of just two days, with April 2023 registering, as of time of this writing, 13.8mm. 

The only April month which registered more rain than 2023’s was 2019 with 23.0mm of rain. On the other hand, April 2022 registered just 1.8mm. April 2021 registered 1.7mm, April 2020 registered 15.0mm and April 2018 just 2.2mm.

This comes as the Maltese islands go to bed and wake up to rain, cold and wind from Sunday 2nd April into Monday 3rd April. 

The same weather forecast page also issued a heavy wind warning as it is expected to increase from Force 5 and 6 to even 7 by Tuesday evening. 


“Are You Superwoman?” Metsola Asked

"Are You Superwoman?" Metsola Asked
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Roberta Metsola, the European Parliament President, recently sat down for an interview with Richard Quest from CNN. During the interview, Metsola was asked about how she manages to juggle her duties as a mother of four children and her role as the European Parliament President.

Metsola’s response was that it takes a great deal of organisation, the help of grandparents, and a schedule that is inflexible but can be made flexible when necessary. She also noted that she and other female politicians are often asked about how they balance parenthood, family duties, and their political roles, while male politicians are not typically asked the same question.

Metsola’s comments highlight an ongoing issue in many professions, including politics, where women are often held to a different standard than men. Women in positions of power are often expected to excel in their professional roles while also fulfilling traditional gender roles at home. Meanwhile, men are rarely questioned about how they manage to balance work and family life.


Different Minds launch powerful new single for Autism Awareness Month: “Different Not Less”

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April is recognized worldwide as Autism Awareness Month, and it is a time to increase understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism. In line with this, the local band Different Minds has recently launched their new single ‘Different Not Less,’ which highlights the abilities of autistic individuals and advocates for their integration into society.

The lyrics of ‘Different Not Less’ were written by the band’s acoustic guitarist, Jason, and his daughter, Nicole Mizzi. The song’s powerful lyrics emphasise the importance of recognising that being different does not make one less capable or worthy of love and acceptance. It encourages society to create more opportunities for people with autism, to support and understand their needs, and to appreciate their unique talents.

Different Minds is a group of talented musicians who have been creating music for a cause. The band comprises singer Robert G, Elton Abela on piano, Godwin Debono on bass guitar, Jeff Hailey on electric guitar, Julio Guintero on drums, and Jason, who is the band’s acoustic guitarist. The band’s musical arrangements are a result of the collective effort of all its members.

‘Different Not Less’ is the sixth single from Different Minds in recent years, and the band is known for its tracks such as ‘Across the Borderline’ and ‘Helping Hand.’ The band’s new song is a testament to their commitment to creating music that spreads a message of hope and inclusivity.

The production of ‘Different Not Less’ was done by Cyprian Cassar, a music producer who has worked with some of the best artists in the industry. His expertise has helped bring out the best in the band’s performance, making the song a moving tribute to individuals with autism.

Different Minds’ latest release, ‘Different Not Less,’ is a powerful anthem that advocates for the inclusion and acceptance of individuals with autism. It is a reminder that being different is not a weakness, but a unique strength that should be celebrated. The song’s uplifting lyrics and the band’s soulful performance make it a must-listen for everyone who values diversity, empathy, and kindness.

Different Minds’ ‘Different Not Less’ is a heartwarming tribute to individuals with autism, and it serves as a reminder that we must work towards creating a more inclusive society. Let us take this Autism Awareness Month to spread more awareness, compassion, and understanding towards individuals with autism and their families.

Check the song here https://youtu.be/611GUrkB-a0