Drug dealers move online to beat COVID-19 impact

 - Business - Jun 10
Drug dealers move online to beat COVID-19 impact

Drug dealers combatted the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic posed by taking their businesses online, as revealed by an EU report. Director of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction Alexis Goosdeel stated that ‘we are witnessing a dynamic and adaptive drug market, resilient to COVID-19 restrictions. Using encrypted messaging apps for home delivery, people could work around the restrictions through ads placed online. Goosdeel stated that the market was urbanised quicker due to the outbreak.

Drugs have thus become hyper-available, with EMCDDA’s annual report highlighting how users now have access to wider range of drugs than before, with increasing levels of purity and potency. 46 new drugs were detected in the EU in 2020 alone.


Photo Source: The Fix

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