Drake forced to pause show after fan falls off balcony

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Drake forced to pause show after fan falls off balcony

Rapper Drake was forced to pause a concert after a fan fell off the balcony onto other spectators. 

Sensitive footage shows a man plummeting onto the other spectators at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. Drake did not see the fan fall due to him having his back turned at the exact moment.

The incident happened about 90 minutes into the show, when 21 Savage joined him on stage. The performance had to be abruptly halted after the man fell from the balcony. 

‘Just have to make sure somebody’s OK’ said Drake, after a crew member told the rapper what had happened. The gig was paused for 15 minutes with the lights coming up as security rushed to help.

Nobody was harmed and the concert was able to continue after a dislodged light fixture was removed. Drake went on to hype the audience by saying ‘We’re at the Apollo, so the show must go on. Let’s just make some noise that everybody’s ok.’ 

He also went on to thank the audience, saying that when he started performing, he would worry that something bad would happen. “I used to dread performing because I just never really understood how it was just, like, me on one side and all of you on the other side” he said. 



20 million bottles returned for recycling in 2 months

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20 million bottles returned for recycling in 2 months

Speaking to Times of Malta, Beverage Container Refund Scheme chairperson Pierre Fava said that more than a whopping 20 million bottles and cans have been returned since the launch of the scheme in November. 

This made it possible for the company handling the scheme to reach the target it had set for the first two years of operation. 

Launched on the 14th of November, more than 600 tons of containers have been exported for recycling, with each bale weighing between 250 and 270 kilograms. 

The target, which was the collection of 70% of the total number of containers placed on the market, showed BCRS that the public’s participation was crucial to the scheme’s success.

This comes as international producers having to place containers on the market made up of at least 50% of recycled material by 2025. The scheme in Malta sees consumers pay 10c extra for drinks bought, reclaiming the money via vouchers when returning containers to be recycled.

Around 320 reverse vending machines are already operating across the Maltese islands, with the machines emptied everyday and the containers taken to the processing facility in Ħal Far to be sorted and treated. 


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Up to 25,000 driving license issued to local foreigners in 5 years

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Up to 25,000 driving license issued to local foreigners in 5 years

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Aaron Farrugia revealed in response to a parliamentary question that around 25,000 driving licenses were issued to foreigners in Malta in the past 5 years.

Responding to the Nationalist Party’s Charles Azzopardi, Farrugia revealed that the exact figure was 24,891, with 8,152 of these licenses issued to motorists who already had a license in another EU or recognised country.

Meanwhile 16,739 licenses were issued after a driving test. Despite this, the figures might not exactly tally due to the status of license holders.

The Minister said that this could be impacted by change of nationality, replacement of ID cards, revocation of licenses or due to persons no longer driving. 


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PBS reveal AIDAN was disqualified from Eurovision was due to ‘unauthorised posts’

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PBS reveal AIDAN was disqualified from Eurovision was due to 'unauthorised posts'

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has revealed that the reason why Maltese singer AIDAN was disqualified from the Malta Eurovision Song contest was due to the breaching of articles 5.3 and 5.6 of the festival’s rules.

Regulation article 5.6 takes marketing material and promotion into consideration and regards them as strictly prohibited. It reads as follows:

“The engagement of marketing personnel, marketing officials, marketing companies or the engagement into some sort of marketing or promotional campaign or activity by the artists to promote themselves, the song, their participation, or in some way to influence the public vote is strictly prohibited. The publication of any social media post, promotion material, interviews or media presence/exposure from the announcement of the quarter finalist’s onwards is also strictly prohibited. Any breach of this clause will lead to automatic disqualification.”

Meanwhile, Article 5.3 reads:

“By participating in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023, each applicant is accepting to be bound by these terms and conditions regulating this participation. All applicants undertake to follow all the contest’s regulations and PBS directives. Any breach of these regulations may result in immediate disqualification.”

Do you think that this disqualification was just?


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