Drake crowned the most streamed artist of 2021

Drake crowned the most streamed artist of 2021
Jan 17 2022 Share

Drake has officially been crowned the most-streamed artist of 2021 in the United States, beating high-profile artists like Kanye West, J Cole and Tyler, the Creator. 

According to Chart Data, the Boy’s music received a total of 8.6 billion on demand streams, meaning that one out of every 131 streams was a Drake song. 

The numbers add up as his most recent album Certified Lover Boy is the only 2021 rap album which qualifies as eligible for double platinum certification by the RIAA. 

It first went platinum a month after its release, whilst also being the first rap album of 2021 to spend five weeks at number 1. It even managed to sell over 600,000 units in its first week. 

As if this wasn’t enough, the album broke Apple Music and Spotify’s records for the biggest first-day streams. 

Drake dropped Certified Lover Boy in September, which is known as fourth quarter when artists are closing shop and planning for the next year. By building up hype for the album, Drake managed to garner insane streaming numbers. 


UK could scrap all restrictions but two – should Malta follow suit?

UK could scrap all restrictions but two - should Malta follow suit?
Jan 17 2022 Share

Reports are suggesting that all COVID-19 restrictions except for two could be scrapped as UK’s Plan B measures are due to be reviewed soon.

Senior government sources have revealed that the current restrictions in place may be removed after 26th January. These include mandatory mask wearing, COVID passports and the work from home rule. 

All that will essentially remain will be a requirement to isolate for five days if one tests positive for COVID-19 and the need to take lateral flow tests for International travel. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that the sooner the measures are lifted, the better. 

‘I think it’s important that we’re led by the science on this. We had access to the Government scientific and medical advisers and that’s helped us form our views’ he said. 

Alluding to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s latest party scandal, Starmer said that ‘if it’s the right thing to lift those restrictions, we will vote to lift those restrictions. But we’ll be led by the science as we always have been, not by the politics of propping up a broken Prime Minister.’

Looking at Malta, today saw the introduction of new measures which were no stranger to controversy. Malta now requires vaccination certification to enter several establishments, masks to be worn by unvaccinated or people in groups larger than 2, and other measures. 

Could UK’s move to remove most measures prompt other countries, like Malta, to move forward with similar action? Of course, the data of infections would have to be analysed to check if the epidemiological situation improved or worsened. 

Malta’s Health minister Chris Fearne highlighted how the way out of the pandemic, and even the easing of restrictions, is the vaccine rollout. 

Pushing for more inoculation, the vaccine measure was met with some criticism by many. However, health authorities revealed that they were aiming to administer the jab to 70% of those eligible by this weekend, with 306,964 booster shots administered as of today. 


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Decision to stop new COVID rules put off by Court

Decision to stop new COVID rules put off by Court
Jan 17 2022 Share

After a group of 17 entertainment businesses an their employees on Sunday asked a court to block the new COVID-19 regulations from into coming into force on Monday today, Madam Justice Miriam Hayman did not uphold a request for a provisional warrant of prohibitory injunction. 

Instead, she decided to hear the merits of the case on the 28th of January, which means that the new measures will not be stopped at least until then. 

A vaccine certificate will be required to enter a number of catering and entertainment establishments such as bars and nightclubs. Frontline staff dealing with clients also need to be vaccinated, meaning they have received their booster shot. 

The court action also comes as several protests agains the COVID regulations took place in Valletta. Health minister Chris Fearne defended the new rules, saying they will allow social distancing and establishments to return to pre-pandemic levels. 


5 reasons why you should invest in stocks

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As the economy continues to grow and individuals remain hungry in their pursuit of new streams of revenue, investing in stocks seems more and more attractive as time goes by. The stock market’s generous return over time is only complemented by the risk-and-reward thrill which comes with any investment.

Higher return on investment

While no investment is without its drawbacks, the stock market offers the potential to earn higher returns as opposed to other investment alternatives. Most investors tend to purchase low and sell high to capitalize on companies’ appreciation in value while others prefer a regular cash flow from companies that grow at a moderate rate and pay dividends.

Whichever way you prefer investing, the potential income from stocks is enticing enough for would-be investors to at least research the market and take a look at what they may be missing out on.

Potential for passive income

The term ‘passive income’ is thrown around a lot nowadays, with investors and entrepreneurs highlighting the importance of having at least one stream of passive income to contribute to financial security. Simply put, passive income is a regular source of earnings obtained through another source over and above your employment income.

Passive income could be anything from rental income to any business activity in which the earner does not materially participate in or in this case; dividend income. Owning dividend-yielding stocks will allow the shareholder to receive payments at regular intervals, meaning that if you invest in the right stocks, you could secure a solid stream of passive income.

The ease of buying and selling

Unlike other type of investments, the stock-market allows quick buying and selling in a matter of a few seconds. Having 24/7 access to the stock market and the ability to constantly monitor your portfolio, with real-time pricing, the MeDirect app allows you to benefit from the swift and abrupt movements of the stock market.

Needless to say, despite being easily accessible, the stock market is also volatile, and returns aren’t necessarily guaranteed so staying on your toes and playing it safe when needed is important for even the most experienced of investors.

The ability to diversify

Due to the liquid nature of stock investment, diversifying one’s portfolio based on their financial goals is one of the largest advantages. A diversified portfolio carries more advantages than disadvantages, allowing the investor to lower their investment risk.

Diversifying means that one spreads the investment capital over several companies across the globe which vary in size and market share. So whether you’re feeling bold and want to go for the big fish or try your luck with a more stable and safe investment, you can via the MeDirect App!

Easy access via MeDirect App

It has never been so easy to start trading as it is now with the MeDirect App. You can become a MeDirect customer, from the comfort of your own home within a few minutes, benefit from the best customer service on the island, and be able to Invest, Save & Trade on one platform with no account or maintenance fees.

The MeDirect app offers you a wide range of funds, shares, ETFs and bonds to choose from with competitive and straightforward trading fees. So, when trading is that easy, with free of charge real-time pricing, you can’t help but take a look!

So what are you waiting for to start reading up on investing?

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