Donald Trump Faces Charges And Has First Mugshot Taken

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The unprecedented arrest of former US President Donald Trump marked the first time that a former US president’s mugshot has been taken.

The arrest unfolded with Trump being required to post a bail bond of $200,000 to secure his release from an Atlanta jail, where he will remain while awaiting trial.

Reacting to his arrest, Trump labeled the case as “a travesty of justice.” This marked his fourth arrest within five months in connection with various criminal cases, yet it was the first instance of him being subjected to a police booking photo.

Following his release, Trump resurfaced on X, his first post since January 2021. He shared his website’s address and the recently taken mugshot, accompanied by a message in all capital letters: “Election interference. Never surrender!”

This incident places Donald Trump among the ranks of notable American public figures who have been captured in arrest booking photos, a list that includes names like Frank Sinatra, Al Capone, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Mr. Trump asserts that the charges against him are politically motivated, given his prominent role in leading the Republican race to challenge President Joe Biden, a Democrat, in the upcoming presidential election.

The legal charges stem from his alleged interference in Georgia’s election aftermath, following his narrow defeat by President Biden by less than 12,000 votes in the state. The crux of the accusations revolves around a phone call during which Mr. Trump reportedly pressured Georgia’s top election official to “find 11,780 votes” during the vote counting process.

Among the 13 charges he faces are racketeering, solicitation of a public official to violate their oath of office, conspiracy to impersonate a public officer, conspiracy to commit forgery, and making false statements. Despite the gravity of these charges, Trump adamantly denies all counts.

With his bail release come restrictions that prevent him from intimidating witnesses or co-defendants through any form of communication, including social media. He is also prohibited from direct communication with his co-defendants, except through legal representatives.


Two Separate Robberies in Msida & Żurrieq Cause Concern Amongst Residents

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The peaceful town of Żurrieq bore witness to a disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the community. Police were urgently summoned to a gold shop located on Triq Dun Ġużepp Żammit, responding to reports of a robbery in progress.

Upon arrival, officers were met with a locked door, behind which they could glimpse a man bound and bearing visible injuries. Swift action was taken as a medical team and members from the Department of Civil Protection were called to the scene to render assistance.

The man, suffering from his injuries, was carefully transported to Mater Dei Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Two individuals had forcibly entered the shop, overpowered the man, and subjected him to a distressing ordeal. The criminals made away with multiple valuable items before fleeing the scene. 

The victim, a 67-year-old resident of Fgura, endured serious injuries as a result of the robbery.

The severity of the incident prompted Police Magistrate Victor Axiak to be informed and an inquiry to be initiated.

Simultaneously, Msida found itself grappling with its own criminal incident, albeit of a different nature.

The robbery occurred on Triq il-Makna tas-Serrar, prompting police intervention and a sense of alarm among residents.

According to preliminary information, a man entered a shop wearing a beret, glasses, and a mask, projecting an air of intimidation. He immediately confronted the cashier, a 32-year-old Indian resident of Msida, and demanded money while resorting to threats of violence. The perpetrator’s menacing behaviour escalated as he menaced the cashier by threatening to throw acid on him.

In a swift but daring act, the thief made off with a sum of cash before fleeing the scene, leaving both the victim and the community in shock.

Thankfully, no physical injuries were sustained during the incident. Law enforcement agencies immediately launched an investigation to track down the criminal and prevent further acts of this nature.

Once again, Police Magistrate Victor Axiak was informed and an inquiry was established to guide the investigation.


Spanish Football President to Resign Following Controversial World Cup Final Kiss

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Spanish Football President to Resign Following Controversial World Cup Final Kiss

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), is will be resigning from his position amidst a storm of controversy. Rubiales found himself at the centre of a global spectacle after a video of him kissing Spanish player Jennifer Hermoso on the lips went viral. The incident occurred during the celebrations following the Spanish women’s team’s triumph in the FIFA Women’s World Cup on August 20th.


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Governing body FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against Rubiales, citing possible violations of Article 13, paragraphs 1 and 2 of their strict disciplinary code. As the world watches in anticipation, the leader’s fate hangs in the balance, with fans and critics alike demanding accountability and transparency.

Amidst the escalating turmoil, RFEF leaders reportedly convened an emergency crisis meeting to address the mounting pressure and to chart a path forward. The release of the controversial video has sparked widespread debates about sportsmanship, gender dynamics, and appropriate behaviour within the football community.

While some argue that the incident may have been blown out of proportion, others are adamant that Rubiales’ actions have cast a shadow over the integrity of the sport. As the scandal unfolds, the football world braces itself for the potential resignation of a leader who once held unwavering influence over the Spanish football landscape.

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Shaun Farrugia Lights Up Fosos during Robbie Williams Concert Warm-Up Set

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Shaun Farrugia Lights Up Fosos during Robbie Williams Concert Warm-Up Set

In a spectacular prelude to the main event, Shaun Farrugia illuminated the Fosos Square with his electrifying warm-up set before the iconic Robbie Williams took the stage.

The crowd gathered at the square was not only treated to Farrugia’s dynamic performance but also contributed to the vibrant atmosphere by passionately singing along to tracks like Starlight (Keep Me Afloat) and Dear God. Expressing his gratitude, Farrugia took to social media to thank the enthusiastic audience for creating a sense of security and camaraderie during his set.

Farrugia’s heartfelt message extended beyond the audience, as he dedicated a special thanks to the legendary Robbie Williams for providing him with the opportunity of a lifetime.

With genuine admiration, Farrugia hailed Williams as an icon and a wellspring of inspiration in the world of music. In another social media post, the artist humbly shared his exhilaration at fulfilling his dream – gracing the stage of the packed Fosos Square in Floriana.

This triumphant performance marked a significant milestone for Farrugia, who burst onto the global scene after collaborating with superstar DJ Martin Garrix on two separate tracks before hitting a number of major career milestones.


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