Dogs Sometimes Stay Awake At Night Worrying About Problems

Dogs Sometimes Stay Awake At Night Worrying About Problems
Nov 27 2023 Share

You got 99 problems… and apparently your dog has one too. 

New research conducted by Hungarian scientists reveals that our beloved canine companions may experience disrupted sleep after a day filled with anxiety. 

The study monitored the sleep patterns of pet dogs following both positive experiences, such as receiving affection from their owners and engaging in playful activities, and negative experiences, like being separated from their owner or facing a threatening encounter with a stranger. 

Predictably, the dogs’ individual personalities influenced their responses, with more playful dogs exhibiting lower stress levels when approached by strangers compared to their more reserved counterparts.

Overall, dogs exposed to stressful situations exhibited poorer sleep quality, spending more time in REM sleep characterised by heightened heart rates and experiencing quicker awakenings. The study, published in October 2017 in The Royal Society scientific journal, highlighted a fascinating paradox: anxious dogs fell asleep faster than their more relaxed counterparts. 

The researchers attributed this phenomenon to stress-induced quiescence, a protective sleep response triggered by stressors, akin to a human immune response during illness.

In light of these findings, it becomes even more crucial to bid a comforting goodnight to our furry friends, potentially contributing to a more restful night’s sleep for them.


Christmas in Gozo Sparkles with Joy as Festive Lights Illuminate the Island

Nov 26 2023 Share

Gozo has officially embraced the spirit of Christmas, marking the commencement of the ‘Christmas in Gozo’ program with a spectacular show titled ‘Christmas, it’s time.’

The festivities kicked off with a vibrant celebration of music, festivity, and joy, culminating in the illumination of Christmas decorations that now grace the main streets of Gozo.

The ‘Christmas, it’s time’ event was a resounding success, radiating festive cheer and setting the perfect tone for the holiday season. Attendees were treated to a joyful atmosphere filled with music and singing, creating a magical ambiance that mirrored the spirit of Christmas.

The event not only brought the community together but also served as the official unveiling of the meticulously crafted Christmas decorations that now adorn the island’s main streets.

The highlights of the show will be broadcasted on TVM on Christmas day, allowing those who couldn’t attend in person to share in the festive spirit from the comfort of their homes.


Sliema Wanderers To Open Stadium to Children Amidst Teachers’ Strike

Nov 26 2023 Share

In a commendable move to support families affected by the upcoming teachers’ strike, Sliema Wanderers FC announced that they will be offering free access to their training ground for children on Monday. The initiative aims to provide a safe space for boys and girls during the strike, offering an alternative venue for recreation and engagement.

Taking to Facebook, Sliema Wanderers conveyed that their training ground will be open from 9 am to 2 pm, serving as a supervised environment for children. Tas-Sliema coaches will be on hand to ensure the safety of the attending children, although no specific activities or formal training sessions are planned. The gesture extends beyond the confines of the Sliema Wanderers academy, welcoming both their players and other students who may not be affiliated with the club.

The move comes as teachers who are members of the MUT (Malta Union of Teachers) pursue industrial actions in State and Church schools, citing concerns over the government’s alleged failure to fulfill promises regarding teacher wages. The ongoing negotiations, spanning nine months, have led to a series of directives from the MUT, resulting in the teachers’ strike.

While State primary and secondary schools across Malta and Gozo will remain open during official hours with supervision services provided, the Secretariat for Christian Education has advised parents with children attending Church schools to keep them home on Monday.

As part of the strike action in government schools, services such as the Breakfast Club, Club 3-16, and the Literacy Programs of the NLA will not be operational. Additionally, transportation to and from school will not be provided on the affected day.


Mosta Potted Trees Will Not Be Lit-Up Again

Nov 26 2023 Share

The Mosta Local Council recently illuminated the main streets and select areas of the town, accompanied by a festive event featuring a local band and complimentary ‘mulled wine’ for residents. However, a Facebook post from the council has sought to clarify recent concerns surrounding the lighting of trees in the town square.

The post addressed the particular attention given to lights adorning trees, reassuring the public that the illumination was a one-time occurrence during the festive event held on Friday. The lights were only activated between 6 pm and 8:30 pm, providing a brief, seasonal ambiance to the town square.

It was emphasised that the decision to adorn the trees with lights was specific to the event and not intended as a permanent fixture throughout the Christmas season. The Mosta Local Council acknowledged the significance of trees for the local bird population and affirmed their commitment to the well-being of these creatures. The post explained that the lights were not part of any ongoing Christmas decoration plan for the trees, reinforcing the council’s understanding of the trees’ importance for bird-related needs.

The clarification came in response to social media posts expressing concern about the potential disruption caused by the temporary lighting. Notably, BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana was among those expressing disapproval of the decision to illuminate trees intended for the local bird population.

To further address concerns and align with the community’s values, the Mosta Local Council underscored that the potted trees in Mosta’s Square would not be lit up throughout the Christmas season.