Dog saved from Mellieħa crack by Civil Protection in New Year’s miracle

Jan 2 2021 Share

“What could have been a New Year’s tragedy turned into a little miracle”, says Chanel Evans, owner of the dog who had quite literally been caught between a rock and a hard place.

In a thankful and heart-warming post on New Year’s Day, the dog owner took the time to thank Civil Protection Malta for their service in rescuing her dog after falling into a deep crack in Mellieħa.

Facebook comments flooded in with people thanking Civil Protection for their service in a deed which not only saved the precious pup’s life, but brought a tear to our eyes.


6 people caught driving under the influence on New Year’s Eve

Jan 1 2021 Share

The police have reported 6 people who were driving under the influence of alcohol last night.

Several roadblocks were operated over Malta and Gozo.

Several other people were caught driving without a license or without insurance as well as without number plates, without a seat belt or with irregular lights.


Valletta FC is in mandatory quarantine

Jan 1 2021 Share

Valletta FC is now the second Premier League team to end up in mandatory quarantine.

Initially, two players tested positive and the whole team was ordered to get tested.

More positive cases resulted from the tests and the health authorities put the whole team in mandatory quarantine.


Valletta brawl on NYE

Jan 1 2021 Share

A fight has been reported in Valletta on New Year’s Eve.

It seems that many people were directly involved in the brawl while a handful of other people were trying to intervene.