Dog & Owner Visit Shelter From Where She Was Adopted

Dog & Owner Visit Shelter From Where She Was Adopted
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The Association for Abandoned Animals took to social media to share Lea’s visit to the AAA – a former shelter dog who was adopted 11 years ago. 

Lea was adopted by Doreen and every year on the anniversary of the adoption, the pair visit the shelter and bring some treats. This time, the dogs were served some home made spaghetti with meat. 

‘Thank you so very much Lea and Doreen! Successful adoptions keep us going on’ wrote the AAA. 


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Marsa Social Housing Regeneration Project Inaugurated

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Minister Roderick Galdes, overseeing Social and Affordable Accommodation, inaugurated a revitalization endeavor in the Marsa social housing precinct. Emphasizing the significance of this project, backed by approximately €1.4 million from European funds, Minister Galdes highlighted its aim to enhance open spaces, benefiting 120 resident families and the broader community, ultimately elevating their quality of life.

“Our commitment remains steadfast in ensuring every individual, regardless of circumstance, experiences dignity within a superior living environment. This objective materializes through our initiatives across various social housing areas, including Marsa, Mosta, and Santa Lucija,” stated Minister Galdes.

Financed in part by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the regeneration initiative encompassed comprehensive area revitalization, fostering accessibility with ramps, introducing greenery through tree planting, and implementing a dedicated solar panel system for generating electricity.

“As a Government, our responsibility extends beyond mere provision of adequate shelter; it encompasses cultivating tranquil surroundings for families to unwind collectively,” concluded Minister Galdes.


Domestic Violence Reports Up To 2,071 In 2023

Domestic Violence Reports Up To 2,071 In 2023
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Figures presented in parliament on Monday disclosed a rise in reports of domestic violence from 1,645 to 2,071 over a span of four years. 

According to data furnished to parliamentarians, the number of reports escalated from 1,645 in 2020 to 1,741 in 2021 and further to 1,828 in 2022. 

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri provided these statistics in response to a parliamentary inquiry by Opposition MP Darren Carabott.

In his response, Minister Camilleri highlighted that in the past few days, the first hub for domestic violence and gender based violence victims began operations. 

The centre, located in Santa Luċija, is working 24 hours everyday and offers various support services by professionals as well as members of the police. The establishment of this hub took place after the police force established the Gender Based and Domestic Violence Unit in November 2020. The second hub is expected to open in the Northern region of the country. 

Despite the alarming rise in domestic violence reports, the reporting indicates an increased willingness and awareness about reporting such issues.

This issue did however raise concerns when it was revealed that mother of two Bernice Cassar had been filing multiple reports against her ex-husband, with her lawyer having pleaded with police to take action days before she was killed. 


Roberta Metsola EU’s Most Politically Influential MEP

Roberta Metsola EU's Most Politically Influential MEP
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European Parliament President Roberta Metsola and Labour Party’s Alex Agius Saliba were both ranked in the top 50 of the ‘Top 100 Most Politically Influential MEPs’.


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The EP President was named the most influential in the EU Matrix, with a total score of 100 out of 100. 

Meanwhile, Agius Saliba ranked in 46th place, placing him in the Top 50. However, he also made it onto the Top 40 Members of the European Parliament under 40 years old.

With Agius in 7th place, he was joined by the Labour Party’s Josianne Cutajar in 36th place.