Doctor refuses to pay clamping fee due to lack of parking at hospital

Doctor refuses to pay clamping fee due to lack of parking at hospital
Nov 24 2021 Share

After a Mater Dei Hospital specialist had his car clamped a month ago, he refused to pay the fee to release his vehicle in protest due to lack of parking available for doctors at the state hospital. 

The identity of the specialist anaesthetist remains anonymous, but he revealed to Times of Malta that, upon going to work around a month ago, he could not find any parking. 

This is allegedly a recurring problem at the hospital. He decided to park his car along a pavement near a zebra crossing to get to work on time. This despite his car having a permit to park in the hospital’s reserved areas and a separate permit to park in restricted areas. Both parkings are always full, exclaimed the doctor. 

He revealed to the newsroom that, for the past month, he was using his wife’s car to get to work on time. He refused to pay the fine because he believes that authorities don’t have the right to clamp their cars given the context.

He is currently seeking legal advice and is questioning whether a private company contracted by the hospital has the legal right to clamp doctor’s cars on the private property once they have permits. 


Photo Source: Times of Malta

Man escaping arrest claims he was chasing his runaway dog

Man escaping arrest claims he was chasing his runaway dog
Nov 24 2021 Share

A man who was ran away after being approached with an arrest warrant by police after missing a court sitting insisted he was chasing his dog. 

The 31-year-old man was eventually arrested by police and appeared before magistrate Monica Vella today. His lawyer told the court that police approached the accused whilst he was walking his dog. 

The pet ran away at that very moment, forcing him to chase after it. Police promptly gave chase, but one suffered slight injuries after running into scaffolding in the area. 

Police body cam footage was shown in court, resulting in the decision that it was clear that the accused was attempting to run away from police and that he needed to be caught. 

He was accused of causing injuries to police, disobeying orders and even letting his dog roam around without a leash. Bail was granted against a personal guarantee of €3,000. He was ordered not to leave the house at night. 


Photo Source: Malta Police Force FB

Malta repatriated 361 irregular migrants since 2021’s start

Malta repatriated 361 irregular migrants since 2021’s start
Nov 24 2021 Share

Malta has repatriated 361 irregular migrants since the start of this year, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri revealed. 

The Minister was responding to a parliamentary question by MP Joseph Ellis, with Camilleri saying that 36 of the 361 returned home voluntarily. 234 migrants were relocated but no details were given on the nationality of the migrants. 

The entire repatriation operation cost the government €359,899.49, with 75% of this amount being co-financed by the European Union. Camilleri revealed that there were instances in which the EU provided assistance to Maltese authorities through its liaison officers present in the country of origin, particularly in those countries where Malta had no diplomatic representation. 


Photo Source: DOI – Omar Camilleri (Newsbook), Byron Camilleri FB

Here are the semi finalists for Mużika Mużika 2022

Here are the semi-finalists for Mużika Mużika 2022
Nov 24 2021 Share

In a matter of just one year, Mużika Mużika has cemented itself as one of Malta’s favourite song competitions, particularly for its celebration of the Maltese language in musical form. Next year’s edition looks to be another blockbuster celebration of Maltese music, welcoming a number of new musical acts to the fold along with some familiar local artists. On Sunday, the 2022 semifinalists were announced after passing from an elimination phase during the live auditions.

Seven jury members judged a whopping 170 submissions, with each judge evaluating the tracks in detail and boiling it down to just 35 entries. Those entries were then performed live together with a backing track at the Valletta Campus Theatre, where 20 semifinalists were chosen.


Mużika Mużika chairman Raymond Bugeja expressed how difficult it was for the judges to choose just 20 semifinalists, going on to highlight the diversity of each and every track. The semifinalist songs are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Aħjar Hekk Inkella Agħar – Artists: MARA, Composer: Philip Vella, Author: Emil Calleja Bayliss

Bla Tarf – Artist: Kurt Calleja, Composers: Kurt Calleja, Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur and Peter Borg, Author: Kurt Calleja

Dak Kien Żmien – Artists: Mykill ft. Lyndsay and Kalakku, Composer: Michael Cini, Authors: Matthew Attard

Fittixni – Artist: Victoria Sciberras, Composer: Gilbert ‘Bibi’ Camilleri, Author: Lon Kirkop

Għal Dejjem – Artist: Norbert Bondin, Composer: Peter Borg, Author: Norbert Bondin

Ġmielek – Artist: Claudia Faniello, Composer: Philip Vella, Author: Joe Julian Farrugia

Ħlomt Li – Artists: Bernie & Pod and Fiona Cauchi, Composers: Bernard Bonnici and Matteo Depares, Author: Ivan Farrugia

Idek F’Idi – Artist: Kelly Marie Cassar Hili, Composer: Kelly Marie Cassar Hili, Authors: Janice Debattista

Il-Mużika u Jien – Artist: Nicole Frendo, Composer: George Curmi, Author: Hilda Curmi

Jien l-Artist – Artist: Cherylis, Composer: Pamela Bezzina, Author: Pamela Bezzina

Kenn – Artist: Cheryl Camilleri, Composer: Joseph Axiak, Author: Joseph Axiak

Kewkba Feġġejja– Artist: Gaia Cauchi, Composer: Elton Zarb, Awtur: Stephen Baldacchino

Mewġ– Artists: Bloodline, Composers: Glen Vella and Elton Zarb, Awturi: Edwin Balzan, Julia Balzan and Samira Cauchi

Mil-Lenti Tiegħi – Artist: Joseph Refalo, Composer: Pamela Bezzina, Author: Pamela Bezzina

Minn Taħt l-Ilsien – Artists: Avenue Sky, Composer: Pamela Bezzina, Author: Pamela Bezzina

Ossiġnu – Artists: Danica Muscat and Kapitlu Tlettax, Composer: Cyprian Cassar, Joseph Mario Calleja Authors: Joseph Mario Calleja and Emil Calleja Bayliss

Purgatorju – Artists: Oxygyn, Composers: Zack Camilleri, Janelle Borg and Luke Camilleri, Author: Kurt Abela

Tgħidlix Għalfejn – Artist: Kyle George, Composer: Cyprian Cassar, Author: Clifton Casha

Tkun ‘L Hawn Għaddi – Artists: Kantera, Composer: Elton Zarb, Author: Joe Julian Farrugia

Wennisni – Artist: Franklin Calleja, Composer: Cyprian Cassar, Author: Emil Calleja Bayliss

…but wait there’s more. The winner of Mużika Mużika l-Vjaġġ ikompli will be announced and they will join the other participants during the festival which will be held between the 24th and 26th March 2022.

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