DJs in England are now eligible for up to £10,000 in grants.

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Following Arts Council England’s announcement of a £257 million grant for arts and culture, the Council has created a scheme called ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’.

In this scheme DJs, performers, art educators, creative technicians and more are eligible for a grant ranging from £2,000 up to a maximum of £10,000. 

This forms part of the £18 million total in grants for the following year, up until October 2021.


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COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the end of the year

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In a recent parliamentary statement, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne reported that a COVID-19 vaccine will be available by the end of the year.

This comes following his previous statement that enough vaccines have been ordered to cover the country’s entirety within six months.

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Meet The Unit: The Maltese all-female dance crew

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Meet The Unit: The Maltese all-female dance crew

The Unit is a dance collective founded in 2017 by Deedee Clark, Kimberly Lowell, Leanne Vella, Nicole Schembri and Deedee Clark.

They have worked with many local artists such as Ira Losco, Emma Muscat, The Travellers and on various local shows namely X Factor and Malta’s Got Talent, putting their best foot forward for each and every project.

The Unit is a collaborative collective meaning they outsource dancers and creatives as necessary, depending on what the project requires. Deedee, Nicole and Leanne teach as freelancers in different schools but The Unit themselves have a unique take on teaching as they do not provide classes as a group. On occasion, Deedee and Nicole offer workshops in commercial and lyrical styles as one-offs for anyone who is willing to learn from them under The Unit brand. 

This all-female managed group offers services such as choreography, creative direction, stage direction and performance too, tapping into multiple sectors of the entertainment industry while providing a fresh outlook on collaboration and team work. 


Photo Source: Albert Camilleri


United off to a good start following 2-1 victory against vs. PSG

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Manchester United are off to a good start in the Champions League as the Reds secure their first win against French giants Paris St. Germain.

Marcus Rashford stole the show following his game-winning penalty at stoppage time to complement Bruno Fernandes’ at the 23rd minute.

Solskjaer’s squad are set to face RB Liepzig on the 28th of October as the Norwegian hopes to keep up the momentum for United.


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