DJ Tenishia Shares Special Moment Playing With Son

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DJ Tenishia Shares Special Moment Playing With Son

‘Those who have kids would understand how precious this moment was for me’ Joven Grech, known by his DJ name of Tenishia, wrote on one of his latest post. 

The DJ shared a photo of him backing up his son as he played for an audience after having been brought back from Australia. ‘I wanted him to know that sharing music is a great thing and he just loves it.’

Grech shared how his son is greatly improving his ability to mix and play. ‘Hoping that like I’ve entertained you, one day, at the right time, when he feels its time. He will entertain your kids with music as well.’ 


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Roberta Metsola Addresses 800 Young People In Brussels

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Roberta Metsola Addresses 800 Young People In Brussels

Addressing over over 800 young people, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola shared two particular experiences that went down well with the audience and everyone watching online.

The Maltese MEP explained that she is calling people in Malta to encourage them to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Roberta Metsola urged other MEPs to do the same during a speech where she continued explaining the importance of the European Union for each member state, those joining, and other countries around the world that benefit from the work done in Brussels and Strasbourg.


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Over 800 people aged 18-35 years, representing all 27 EU Member States, descended on Brussels for the second EPP Group ‘Youth Week’ that is taking place this week.

Participants pitched their ideas and voiced their priorities and hopes for the future of the Union at various debates and workshop events attended by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola.

During her speech, Roberta Metsola also explained how she and her husband met during one of these events.


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15 Year Old Hit By Car And Motorcyclist Grievously Injured

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15 Year Old Hit By Car And Motorcyclist Grievously Injured

Yesterday, at around 1530hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident in Triq il-Pitkali, Ħ’Attard

Preliminary investigations found that a 15 year old resident of Ħ’Attard had been hit by a Citroen C3 driven by a 64 year old woman resident of Ħ’Attard.

The young man was given medical assistance and transported to Mater Dei Hospital, where he was later certified as having suffered grievous injuries. 

A few hours later, at around 1645hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident in Triq Emmanuele Luigi Galizia, Marsa. 

Police convened immediately on site and found that a crash had taken place between a Toyota Vitz driven by a 40 year old woman resident of Ħal Qormi and a Yamaha MT-03 driven by a 31 year old man resident of Santa Venera. 

The motorcyclist was given medical assistance and transported to Mater Dei Hospital, where he was later confirmed to have suffered grievous injuries.

Investigations for both cases are still ongoing. 


Olympic Sized Swimming Pool In Cottonera Sports Complex

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Olympic Sized Swimming Pool In Cottonera Sports Complex

Prime Minister Robert Abela inaugurated the first Olympic-sized swimming pool in our country, at the Cottonera Sports Complex.

The swimming pool, constructed through a €14 million investment, is expected to continue playing a pivotal role in elevating the standards of sports in the country. Its location in the South of Malta underscores the government’s intention to ensure widespread benefits throughout the nation.

 Abela highlighted that the investment was not limited to sports infrastructure but also encompassed substantial funding for athlete development, as was evident, the PM said, during the European Small Countries Games. 

This investment is set to persist, with an allocation of €5 million from the Social Fund for National Development dedicated to athlete training and preparation.

Prime Minister Abela concluded by emphasizing the government’s steadfast commitment to supporting sports, aiming to provide equal opportunities for every boy and girl in Malta to dream and turn those dreams into reality.

The swimming pool boasts state-of-the-art technology and includes numerous amenities such as athlete and official dressing rooms, offices, control rooms, spectator stands, and sanitary facilities. The pool’s roof is purposefully designed to enhance aesthetics and is supported by beams spanning up to 44 meters.

Additionally, the facility includes a diving pool on each side measuring 44 square meters, meeting the International Swimming Federation’s requirements.

It is equipped with a water heating and air conditioning system. This Olympic-sized pool spans 5,000 square meters and features cutting-edge technology, including bulkheads to segment the pool for various uses. 

Furthermore, the pool area can be adjusted in height to accommodate diving coaches giving lessons at different depths as needed.

Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation, Clifton Grima, expressed his satisfaction with the inclusion of this Olympic-sized pool project in the electoral manifesto. He highlighted it as an excellent opportunity for the aquatic sector in Malta to progress and achieve more success. He also stressed the importance of providing professional training facilities for children, enabling athletes to continue achieving international success.

One of the key pillars of the national sports strategy is sports facilities, and according to SportMalta’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Cutajar, this swimming pool ranks among the country’s top sports facilities. 

SportMalta is committed to ensuring that athletes have access to facilities of the highest standards to help them reach their full potential and compete internationally. This commitment will continue to contribute to the growth of the sports sector in the country.

During the inauguration, young Jayden Cassar, a member of the national water polo team under sixteen, addressed the audience. He expressed the gratitude of Maltese athletes for having such a high-quality pool in the Mediterranean. He emphasized that this project will inspire and attract more children and young people to engage in water sports, providing an excellent opportunity for aquatic sports in Malta to continue progressing and achieving international success. 

Jayden highlighted that local athletes will no longer face the disadvantage of having to train abroad due to the availability of an open swimming pool in Malta. He also envisioned the expansion of sports programs to enable athletes and school students in the surrounding areas to grow and develop.

Prime Minister Robert Abela was accompanied by his wife, Dr. Lydia Abela, who serves as the President of Special Olympics Malta.


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