Dizzjunarju Queer: Maltese & English LGBTIQ+ dictionary of terms unveiled

Mar 23 2023 Share

The Maltese government has released an official dictionary of terms pertaining to the LGBTIQ+ community in order to aid better media reporting on such matters.

Spearheaded by Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms Rebecca Buttigieg, the dictionary is offered in both Maltese and English, bridging the gap between the various terms and definitions which were previously unknown to many in Maltese. 

‘The decision to use one word or another in reporting about LGBTIQ+ persons can make a big difference between a sentiment of unity or a culture of prejudice’ said the Parliamentary Secretary. 

‘I believe that the media has an important role so that our country continues to take progressive steps towards a society free of prejudice and discrimination.’

‘Many of us refrain from speaking about sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics out of fear of using the wrong terminology to express themselves or identify others’ the dictionary’s introduction explains. 

‘This obstacle is often heightened in interactions in Maltese, with terminology often substituted with its English counterpart.’

You can access the full document on humanrights.gov.mt for the full list of terms, or follow these links to read in English or Maltese.


Heinz and Absolut launch new vodka pasta sauce

Heinz and Absolut launch new vodka pasta sauce
Mar 22 2023 Share

It’s the collaboration that you never knew you needed. If you like your pasta dish with a bit of an alcoholic kick, well Heinz and Absolut Vodka have got your back. 

The Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta Sauce. Yes, you read that right. 

The trend of mixing a little bit of alcohol, particularly vodka, with your pasta rose in popularity back in 2020 thanks to American model Gigi Hadid. 

She admitted that she liked to have her pasta dish with a little bit of vodka, sending fans replicating the dish for themselves. And now, the two giant brands will be making this easier than ever as they brought the two together. 

Heinz New Ventures Director, Caio Fontenele, said: “While it may have taken over 150 years of tomato expertise to launch our first Heinz pasta sauce, we’re determined to continue innovating and delighting consumers with delicious flavours, at the speed of social media trends.

The vodka kick reportedly unlocks the flavours as well as the aroma of the tomato, basil and cheese sauce. However, you better make sure to hop on the train as there will be a limited number of the Heinz x Absolut Tomato Vodka Pasta sauce available from mid-April. 

What do you make of this?


Fans found out Messi went out to eat at a restaurant in Argentina

Lionel Messi restaurant
Mar 22 2023 Share

After a training session with the rest of the Argentinian team on Monday, football star Lionel Messi went to dinner with his family at a restaurant in Buenos Aires. 

When word got out that the player was out eating, fans decided to flood the streets outside of Don Julio trying to glimpse and catch a snapshot of the sport star. 

Messi was unable to leave the restaurant until 0145hrs when the police arrived to escort him out of the area. The authorities cleared the narrowest possible path for Messi to get to his car as fans swarmed around them.

Commenters on the footage were not very positive of the reaction by the football fans. Many called it disturbing and terrifying, asking for fans to let the player live a normal life. 

This comes as Messi will play his first game with Argentina since the World Cup on Thursday night. 


Ed Sheeran is preparing albums to be released after he dies

Ed Sheeran is preparing albums to be released after he dies
Mar 22 2023 Share

Fans of singer Ed Sheeran have been granted a bit of a double edged sword news item. 

In a sit down chat with Rolling Stone, the singer revealed that he has prepared a complete five-album collection using another category off symbols other than mathematics ones. 

However, these will be reportedly added into his will for release after he passes away. 

Spilling the beans on his love, life and music, Sheeran said that he wants to continue working on this ‘perfect’ catalogue of music for the rest of his life. 

This comes as he is about to release a new record on the 3rd of May 2023 called Subtract and it is set to complete the maths symbol era. 

Rolling Stone’s Brian Hyatt has described the unreleased racks as ‘dizzying’ as they span across so many styles of music it almost feels like a prank.