Did You Know Nike Had A Mascot In The 90’s?

Did You Know Nike Had A Mascot In The 90's?
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No that’s not the flash or a variant of him. But yes, Nike had a mascot back in the 1996. In fact, Swoosh Man’s suit took around $125,000 to make. 

It was designed by Jose Fernandez, who was the designer behind the 1995 Batman Forever Bat Suit. 

Swoosh Man/Nike Man/Swoosh Hero had a futuristic design with a silver finish and a bold red Nike Swoosh on his chest. Two other small swooshes featured on his helmet, ‘similar to that of the original Air Max 97 Silver Bullet released in 1997. 

The Nike mascot made his debut at the Hoop Heroes event in Tokyo, and originated with track-and-field star Ian Campbell who was managing director of Nike Sports Entertainment. 

The subdivision was created with the intention of promoting the brand further and featured the mascot golfing with Tiger Woods, playing basketball with Michael Jordan, and more. 

The man inside the suit was Jon Kudo, the former mascot for the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he was required to perform outlandish stunts. Unfortunately, due to an economic downturn led to a decrease in sneaker sales and saw Swoosh being shelved along with Nike Sports Entertainment. 


Video Of Il-Pampalun Resurfaces Showing His Colourful Aura

Video Of Il-Pampalun Resurfaces Showing His Colourful Aura
Nov 9 2023 Share

A video of the late Pawlu il-Pampalun has resurfaced online showing us his immensely colourful and cheerful personality. 

Known locally as the king and father of the Maltese carnival spirit, l-Pampalun sadly passed away this week at the age of 92. 


#fyp #malta B’tislima lill-Pampalun

♬ original sound – fulu muncher

A video resurfaced online, showing Pawlu Curmi playing a bucket like a drum and singing, a testament to the iconic Maltese figure’s passion for all things festive. 

The passing came as a tragic shock to many who commemorated his life with tributes, recounting how he played such a pivotal role in their lives and especially their participation in carnival.

Rest in peace Pawlu! 


Group Of Locals Help Two Women Change Tyre

Group Of Locals Help Two Women Change Tyre
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As local personality Gail Baldacchino and jewellery designer Yana Azzopardi were driving around Malta, a flat tyre resulted in a wholesome moment shared by the two women and a group of men in the the town square.

The car stopped alongside a curb, where a group of locals were hanging out as is often customary of such ‘pjazzez’.


Malta things 😂 #malta #maltatiktok @yanasjewellery

♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

The group of men quickly went to work changing the tyre, with Gail and Yana loving every second of it and appreciating the help offered up by the locals. 

Well done to these kind souls!


Instagram Might Soon Let You Disable ‘Read Receipts’

Instagram Might Soon Let You Disable 'Read Receipts'
Nov 9 2023 Share

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will allow users to choose whether or not to use read receipts in direct message conversations. 

Mark Zuckerberg and Adam Mosseri announced this update on their Instagram Broadcast channels. Mosseri also provided a visual of how the feature will function, showing a toggle under the Privacy and Safety tab, allowing users to control who can see their activity.

This change addresses a long-standing absence on Instagram, which previously didn’t offer the option to hide when a message has been “seen.” The update will provide users with more privacy and control over their messaging experience. However, it remains unclear when this feature will be widely available or how exactly it is being tested.

While Meta-owned WhatsApp has allowed users to hide their read receipts since 2014, Messenger, like Instagram, currently displays when a message has been viewed. The potential for this feature to expand across all Meta platforms in the future is uncertain. As the Instagram test progresses, users will have the opportunity to discreetly manage their message interactions.


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