Did JD Patrick just reveal Martina’s BIGGEST secret?

 - Local - Oct 14

Give or take a few anticipated rain showers, today was just a normal Thursday for many. For The Morning Vibe crew over at Vibe FM however all hell broke loose after popular radio personality JD Patrick revealed one of Martina’s biggest secrets.

Most of you will probably know that beyond being a co-host with Jonathan Abel and JD Patrick, Martina Zammit is also at the helm of local brand Gadgets, which has been growing over the past years. Apparently, Gadgets had a big re-brand coming tomorrow and JD spilled the beans before it ever saw the light of day.

“We are revealing something soon, stay tuned”, JD said as he mimicked Gadgets’ social media post, going to jokingly say “as if people care.” The radio host nonchalantly revealed that Gadgets will be re-branding, to which Martina did not approve whatsoever. Jonathan Abel was quick to cut to adverts before Martina showed her disapproval at JD’s apparent leak before she went on to say that she won’t be going on the show anymore.

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Trouble in paradise? Or just a tough joke between friends? We’ll know soon enough.


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