Destiny overtakes France & Switzerland to make Malta new Eurovision favourite

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Malta's Destiny the new Eurovision favourite

Chukunyere and her team revealed her electro-swing banger “Je me casse” on Monday to rave reviews from locals and foreigners alike with her current odds standing as low as 37/10.

“Je me casse” has seen an astronomical surge in popularity since its launch and shows no signs of stopping. Could we be seeing a Eurovision Valletta 2022 soon?


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Zabbar tree collision leads to grievous injuries

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Zabbar Tree Collision leads to grievous injuries

Yesterday evening, a 35-year-old woman from Bormla lost control of her Honda Accord and crashed into a tree in Council of Europe Road Zabbar.

The incident occurred on Wednesday evening at around 7PM where the driver was accompanied by a 38-year-old man from Bormla.

A medical team was called onto the scene and an ambulance took the two to Mater Dei, where they were certified to have sustained grievous injuries.

Civil protection officials were also called onto the scene while district police are currently investigating the matter.


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€600,000 extension for CPD headquarters, Xemxija and Hal Far stations

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With a €600,000 investment, the Civil Protection Department (CPD) is extending two main stations, as well as its Kandja headquarters. Set to be completed next year, the project will extend the Hal Far and Xemxija stations. Green-lit 10 moths after CPD complained it was not allowed to carry out such work through simple notification orders unlike other companies, the project was given the go ahead.

Director Emanuel Psaila spoke on Wednesday to a news conference, stating that last May he had expressed concerns with the prime minister about unequal treatment. The CPD has seen its workload increase with provision of COVID-19 related services. It currently employs 250 people. Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said the government ensured best possible equipment and facilities for CPD and investment in training personnel.


Has TikTok gone too far? Concerns rise as explicit videos increase online?

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Videos have surfaced online of unknown Maltese individuals flaunting banknotes of cash allegedly made off of selling cannabis on TikTok as well as a video of what seems to be a cannabis plant laying around.

As the social media platform continues to grow, concerns continue to rise regarding the rapidly-increasing rate of explicit content on the platform. One may argue that the platform has gone too far and the lack of mediation of what content is being posted makes it a dangerous platform, especially when one takes into consideration the amount of youths that make us of TikTok.

What are your thoughts on the content shared on TikTok? Do you think that there needs to be increased mediation of the content being posted?


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