Depp reveals charities he will donate Heard’s $1 million settlement to

Depp reveals charities he will donate Heard's $1 million settlement to
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Closing off their defamation case, which took place last year, Amber Heard has paid the $1 million settlement money to Johnny Depp, who will in turn reportedly give it away to charity.

A source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said that Depp will split the donation to 5 charities of his choosing, with $200,000 going to each. 

It was reported by ‘People’ that the organisations are ‘Make-A-Film-Foundation’, ‘The Painted Turtle’, ‘Red Feather’, ‘Tetiaroa Society’ and ‘Amazonia Fund Alliance.’

According to Facebook page IFOD, ‘Coming out of what have been a nightmare for him, this money will finally be used to do good: it will benefit ill children (via Make a Film Foundation & The Painted Turtle), indigenous populations (via Red Feather and Amazonia Fund Alliance) and environment (via Tetiaroa Society).’

Despite both actors having made appeals following the June 1st 2022 verdict, they decided to drop them and reached a settlement announced in December of 2022. 

Heard announced in 2022 that she decided to settle after her attempt to appeal the court’s earlier verdict. However, she found her decision to settle very difficult and said that this was not an act of concession on her part. 

“I make this decision having lost faith in the American legal system, where my unprotected testimony served as entertainment and social media fodder,” Heard said in a social media post. 


New Bombshell Alert: Sebby Fenech Enters the Villa

New Bombshell Alert: Sebby Fenech Enters the Villa
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Another bombshell has made its way into the villa: Sebby Fenech, a 22-year-old physical trainer, is the latest addition to the Love Island Villa.

During his introduction, he expressed his interest in Nicola and Gabrielle, news that will surely not sit well with Dale and Sven.


Here’s what to do & where to go in Malta according to CNN

Here's what to do & where to go in Malta according to CNN
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Tiptoeing on the fine line between ‘hidden gem’ and ‘unmissable location’, Malta’s Mediterranean charm is unlike anything else in the world and we definitely aren’t the first to recognise it. From international film celebrities to globally-renowned DJs and everything in between, Malta’s beauty has not gone unnoticed, and the CNN are no exception.

That’s right, the United States-based multinational news channel has given a nod to our little island paradise, writing an article titled ‘A world in three islands on the Mediterranean’, listing some of the island’s must-visit locations. Take a look and let us know if you agree with the CNN’s picks!


Of course, no article talking about Malta’s cultural sphere can go live with a mention of the beautiful capital city. From history to nightlife and everything in between, CNN highlight the views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, events at the Floriana Granaries and even food from Cafe Jubilee and some of cities must-visits.

Photo Source: Brian Esiobu


If we’re talking about unmissable Maltese spots, the Silent City is definitely one of them. Eloquently compared to ‘an open-air museum’, the city’s palazzos, shades squares, fortifications and bougainvillea-covered facades are held in high regard. CNN also suggest a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bastion Square and Palazzo Vilhena, capping it all with a pastizz at Crystal Palace (Serkin) just outside the city.

Photo Source: Polina Kovaleva

Three Cities

A gem in Malta’s South, Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea are credited with having “some of the prettiest streets and churches on the island”, in addition gorgeous docks and even the possibility of catching a ‘dgħajsa’ (wooden water taxi) back to Valletta.

Photo Source: Polina Kovaleva


Quaint, active and unique, Malta’s iconic fishing village is far from calm and CNN know it. Praising Marsaxlokk’s pretty waterfront and wide array of seafood restaurants, foodies and sunset lovers can come together to enjoy one of the coolest spots the island has to offer.

Photo Source: Karolina


What is a visit to Malta without Gozo? Grabbing a ferry trip to the second-largest island of the archipelago is common practice for locals, but visitors will certainly appreciate the magic of arriving at Gozo for the first time. Whether you’re paying a visit to the capital city of Victoria, checking out Game of Thrones scenery at Fungus Rock or basking in the historic greatness of the Cittadella, you absolutely cannot visit the islands without visiting Gozo.

Photo Source: Brian Esiobu


“If Malta is the urban island and Gozo its lowkey sibling, Comino is the wild cousin.” This one quote from CNN’s article perfectly encapsulates the island’s charm; with the platform praising the shimmering shallow bay’s azure facade, Blue Lagoon and St. Mary’s Tower amongst other hotspots. Thrill-seekers can also hike up the island’s highest point, Ġebel Comino, which is around 275 feet (83.8meters).

Photo Source: Arvydas Venckus

What is an absolutely must-visit location in Malta for you?


Cover Photo Source: Efrem Efre

Man fined €50 for Silvio Schembri ‘car bomb’ comment

Man fined €50 for Silvio Schembri 'car bomb' comment
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On Tuesday, a man named Simon Cutajar was charged under summons after making a comment on Facebook that caught the attention of Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, leading to a report being filed with the police. 

Cutajar’s comment stated that “one can expect a car bomb” associated with the Labour Party. 

The comment was posted in response to a talk.mt report about a news conference held by Schembri, where he criticised the PN’s proposals for the business community.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Cutajar had privately apologised before the hearing, with his lawyer, Ishmael Psaila, explaining that his client had never intended any harm. In open court, Cutajar admitted to the charges and reiterated his apologies.

The court, presided over by Magistrate Kevan Azzopardi, considered the accused’s early admission and multiple apologies. However, parte civile lawyer Maurice Meli argued that such behaviour was unacceptable, emphasising that the incident had negatively impacted Minister Schembri and his family.

Minister Schembri, who participated in the court session via video link, briefly commented that the comment was made in the context of the previous year’s general elections. He asserted that everyone has the right to perform their duties without feeling threatened.

Taking into account Cutajar’s early admission and repeated apologies, the court imposed a fine of €50, which will be recorded in the accused’s criminal record. Lawyer Stefano Filletti also provided assistance to the parte civile during the proceedings.