Denmark first in EU to lift all COVID-19 restrictions

 - COVID-19 - Sep 15
Denmark first in EU to lift all COVID-19 restrictions

Denmark is set to be the first EU country to go back to pre-pandemic life this Friday as it lifts all remaining COVID-19 restrictions. Health Minister Magnus Heunicke tweeted this week, crediting the vaccines and the ‘great efforts of all of Denmark’s citizens over such a long period’ as the foundation for why the country is going strong. No COVID pass will be required to enter restaurant, night-clubs or other establishments as kids too no longer requiring to be sent home if they come into close contact with a confirmed case. 

Quarantines are left only for those who are infected. The country scrapped the mask requirement for public transit on August 13th, and will now go on to fully seal the deal of measure easing. Almost three quarters of adults are fully vaccinated and COVID-19 hospitalisations are low, with a high level of trust in authorities reported. In fact, the word samfundssind, which translates to ‘social mindedness’, has become a bit of a buzzword in Denmark. Elsewhere in Europe, trust in governments to deal with the pandemic is significantly lower, leading to lower vaccination rates. 


Photo Source: Schengen Visa, Anna Shvets

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