Deckchair protest by TeamStart to get Malta off grey-list

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Deckchair protest by TeamStart to get Malta off grey-list

Youth from TeamStart took to the Parliament House to protest by lounging on deck chairs, stating that the government should be working day and night to get the country off the grey-list. The Nationalist Party’s youth organisation for 14 to 18-year-olds stated that the first step towards this goal is removing the ‘compromised’ Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis from office. 


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The deckchairs were used as a jab at Prime Minister Robert Abela and Anglu Farrugia as the organisation stated the political figures would rather enjoy their summer holidays instead of finding solutions and taking the necessary actions. Team Start invited anyone wishing to debate their position to join them as they protested and sun-bathed in one of the more innovative demonstrations this year. 


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Olympic silver medallist who was kicked out of school and got fired from his jobs

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Benjamin Whittaker is a British boxer who has just won silver in Tokyo. The light heavyweight boxer has had an interesting journey to Olympic stardom. The boxer who suffers from ADHD comes from a boxing family, with his grandfather being a boxer and his father a boxing coach. Growing up, his father sent him to ballet and ballroom dancing classes to improve his footwork in the sport.

The boxer himself admits that all the dancing was helpful for his footwork, despite it being embarrassing for him, resulting in him never telling his school friends. Whittaker didn’t have the best time at school. He didn’t feel comfortable in his class and his ADHD did not help either. He was kicked out of school when he was a teenager. He says that boxing thought him discipline and how to calm himself down. He also said that being kicked out of school was a blessing in disguise for him.


After being kicked out of school, his father helped him find jobs. He first went to work at JD Sports. Ben was still a teenager and he didn’t have good social skills at the time. He said that that job was too much for him and he used to hide and cry in the toilets until his bosses found out and fired him. His father then helped him get a job with local club Wolverhampton Wanderers. That job didn’t last long either though as he said “It was cold there, I was struggling with my weight at the time and I got caught eating a Pukka Pie in the toilet.”

After being kicked out of school and fired from two jobs, Ben fully focused on his boxing and that decision payed off immensely. His main aim was to win gold at the Olympics. He met many other boxers and has impressed many others such as Anthony Joshua and Floyd Mayweather. The American advised him to forget about Olympics and to go professional, but the Brit ignored him and became an Olympian this year, where he lost in the final to Cuban Arlen Lopez

The boxer said that he is a sign for people suffering with ADHD that they can make it, and we couldn’t agree more! Even though the boxer came so close to winning gold, he can still be proud of himself for inspiring hundreds around the world.



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UK to enjoy Maltese X-Factor star Kelsey Bellante’s music

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UK to enjoy local X-Factor star Kelsey Bellante’s music

20-year-old Kelsey Bellante made waves when she appeared on Malta X-Factor Season One, enjoying escalated interest in her music as she continued to showcase her talent. Having just had her label strike a partnership with London-based record company Dumonde Records. The label is backed up by a member of the popular band, Bastille, and will see Kelsey’s music spread across the whole of UK. 


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Bellante was the first local artist to sign with Gozo’s Gilkicker Music, with her music playing a vital part in signing the deal between the two record labels. Bellante is expected to release ‘Guilty Love’ in September, which marks her first single. This will be followed by two more singles at the end of the year, with all three making their way to UK shelves after release. Bellante is paving the way for aspiring musical artists in Malta, proving that its possible to make dreams come true!


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78 COVID-19 cases registered with 204 recoveries

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Malta has registered 78 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 3,260 swab tests, while 204 patients have recovered. 1 death was registered in the past 24 hours. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

As of Wednesday 4th August 2021, 767,831 vaccine doses were administered of which 402,373 were 1st doses. 389,610 people are currently fully vaccinated. 

To date, Malta has registered 34,668 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 32,642 have recovered, 424 died and 1206 are still active.

Mater Dei Hospital is currently treating a total of 35 COVID-19 positive patients, 4 of whom are in the ITU. The average age of yesterday’s cases was 35. The registered fatality was an 88-year-old female who died while COVID-19 positive.


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