DC’s lineup has The Rock, a new Batman and video games coming!

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DC’s lineup has The Rock, a new Batman and video games coming!

First look at The Rock as anti-hero Black Adam 

Following the massive success of Shazam!, the DCEU will be revealing the dark counterpart of the superhero, played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Black Adam’s teaser was dark and electrifying, showing just how formidable of a character he truly is. Catching bullets with his hands, The Rock will be bringing a unique spin to a beloved comic book anti-hero on July 29th 2022. 

Robert Pattinson with the perfect voice for BatMan

Pattinson’s interpretation of the caped crusader is surely gripping and dark. The teaser trailer also features a new Catwoman/Selina Kyle, actor extraordinaire Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth and a Riddler with a much more terrifying vibe from what we’ve seen before. We’ll be seeing how Gotham’s defender will be interpreted in this new take at the character, with the film releasing on March 4th 2022.

The Flash hints at a multiverse in DC 

Marvel has seemingly just started its own exploration of its multiverse with series like Loki and What If. But DC seems to be going for their own concept with The Flash, releasing November 4th 2022. With Ezra Miller still donning the mantle of fastest man alive, we might be getting an on-screen version of Flashpoint Paradox, a beloved comic storyline where everything goes dark. 

Not one, but two, video-games 

DC fans and gamers alike will be receiving two different worlds to jump into. One is the more light-hearted world of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, wherein players can play as the likes of Harley Quinn or King Shark. With this game releasing in 2022, another Arkham-style adventure named Gotham Knights is also coming. Players will team up as Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin and Redhood in an open-world action RPG. 

John Cena in a new Peacemaker series

Following the massive success of James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’, John Cena is set to return (spoiler alert!) as Peacemaker. The HBO Max show will see Cena’s character attempt to bring peace to the world with the most violent means possible. It’s the most bizarre thing we’ve seen but we’re not complaining… did John Cena just hug an eagle?

Sequels and extended seasons!

DC hasn’t forgotten its two hits Aquaman and Shazam. We did get some early behind the scenes for the sequels which will continue Jason Momoa and Zachary Levi’s takes on the two heroes. Batwoman season 3 is also set to continue, alongside the CW’s The Flash, Superman & Lois, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Stargirl. But there’s far more, including animated series to keep you busy in between the big hits!



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