Dale & Nicola Fake Break Up “To Send A Message About Hate Speech”, Islander Reveals

Dale & Nicola Fake Break Up "To Send A Message About Hate Speech", Islander Reveals
Sep 27 2023 Share

In a recent set of stories, Love Island participant Dale revealed that news of his break-up with Nicola was actually staged by the couple to send a message about hate speech and that Tuesday was actually the first day of the two being “official”.

The Islander, known for his “Relax Bello” phrase was actually quite relaxed in the delivery of the news, stating that within 5 minutes of Dale and Nicola posting that they parted ways, many took to social media to write hateful comments, something which the islander condemned fully.

“We’re happy, we’re official now, and I just wanted to prove a point because I never spoke about hate speech but I knew that if I had to post something like that, people would rant, and it’s just a bit of a lesson you know…”, the islander stated.


5 Back to School Moments that Every Student Has Experienced

5 Back to School Moments that Every Student Has Experienced
Sep 27 2023 Share

Back to school – those three little words that can send a shiver down any student’s spine. Whether you love it or hate it, there are some classic moments that we’ve all been through. Here are five that might just give you a chuckle:

The Van Honk Wake-Up Call

Remember that unforgettable moment when the school van driver gave you the early morning wake-up call with a blast of the horn? Yeah, because you weren’t quite ready and downstairs yet. Thanks for the heart attack, Mr. Van Driver!

Mum’s Lunch Reminder

Your mum, ever the superhero, shouts after you as you rush out the door, “Don’t forget your lunch!” But of course, you’re way too busy thinking about algebra and cute crushes to remember until it’s too late. Oops!

The Missing Homework Panic

So, you didn’t exactly complete your homework. But instead of owning up, you thought you could magically summon it from the depths of your backpack during class. Cue frantic rummaging through your bag while trying to look cool and casual.

The Pencil Drama

Sharpening your pencil was never an easy task. It involved a long and treacherous journey to the classroom’s one-and-only rubbish bin, located approximately a mile away from your desk. It’s a pencil, not the Holy Grail!

The P.E. Kit Mishap

Ah, the horror of showing up in your P.E. kit when you were supposed to be in your uniform. Cue the headmaster’s booming voice and the embarrassment that followed as you slinked back to change into your uniform, hoping to escape further notice.

Back to school might have its moments, both good and bad, but these shared experiences are what make it all part of the adventure. So, whether you’re a seasoned student or just starting out, remember, you’re not alone in these quintessential back-to-school moments!


Time to Play: Toy Room Club and G7 Events Join Forces for G7 Friday Special

Time to Play: Toy Room Club and G7 Events Join Forces for G7 Friday Special
Sep 27 2023 Share

From London to Dubai and Mykonos, Toy Room Club has landed in Malta, and it’s poised to ignite the island’s party scene in collaboration with G7 Events, Malta’s premier event organisers. Mark your calendars for the 6th of October because this collaboration promises to be a wild night of music & memories that will bring the proper party vibes we have been waiting for.

Leading the charge for this exceptional event is G7 Events, Malta’s foremost event organisers known for creating some of the biggest and most electric events on the island. Together with Toy Room Malta’s unique atmosphere, G7 Events will curate an evening that blends your favourite music with jaw-dropping visuals, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

At the heart of the G7 Friday Special at Toy Room Malta is a line-up of your favourite local DJs, who will be taking centre stage to deliver your favourite tracks and unmissable moments. But it’s not just the music that will captivate you. Toy Room Malta is renowned for its breathtaking lighting displays, and this event promises to be no exception.

Prepare to be transported into a world of visual wonder as the unique lighting show enhances the entire experience, making this G7 Friday special a night to remember for anyone seeking a truly extraordinary night out.

Send this to your party squad and get your tickets now!


‘School Grannies’ Greet Kids Returning To School In Kalkara

'School Grannies' Greet Kids Returning To School In Kalkara
Sep 27 2023 Share

As the new school year commences, both children and senior citizens in Kalkara are now able to reap the benefits of the School Grannies project, which was initiated as a pilot endeavour in 2021. This initiative was launched through a formal agreement between Active Ageing and Community Care and the Local Council of Kalkara. In response to expressed interest from the Kalkara Local Council, primary school students in Kalkara will now have the support of two school grannies to assist them in entering and leaving the school premises.

The overarching aim of this initiative is to motivate older individuals, including those who may be retired or have reduced family responsibilities, to remain actively engaged within the community, all while fostering meaningful intergenerational connections.

During a visit on the first day of the school year in Kalkara, Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government Alison Zerafa Civelli observed the school grannies aiding children as they entered the school. She lauded their dedication to this project and underscored, “Intergenerational activities contribute to a more inclusive society by bridging generational gaps and nurturing mutual respect and understanding.”

The responsibilities of the School Grannies include being present near the school premises to accompany children during their entry and exit, following a schedule prepared by the Local Council. In collaboration with the police, they also play a role in managing and regulating traffic and ensuring the safe crossing of children.

Mayor of Kalkara, Wayne Aquilina, elucidated that this initiative will yield numerous positive benefits within the Kalkara community and will further fortify the sense of community in the area. He affirmed, “Individuals above the age of 60 will now have the opportunity to be in close proximity to children in the community, and every day, the children will encounter someone to greet them, converse with them, and accompany them beyond the school gates.”

On his part, the CEO of Active Ageing and Community Care, Renzo Degabriele, expressed contentment that this intergenerational initiative, in cooperation with the Kalkara Local Council, is proving to be a triumph. He urges more Local Councils to take part in this initiative.