Cystic Fibrosis medicine that costs €3 million a year approved by Prime Minister

 - Local - Mar 23
Cystic Fibrosis medicine that costs €3million a year approved by Prime Minister

Prime Minister Robert Abela has unveiled that medicine for Malta’s cystic fibrosis patients will cost the government around €3 million a year. The Prime Minister stated that the drug Trikafta will be introduced into Maltese healthcare because the government ‘cares about the hardships of people.’ After a public campaign launched by 26-year-old Mandy Vella who suffers from cystic fibrosis, the statement by Abela finally gives the breakthrough medicine its place in Malta after having been lobbied for since August 2020.

Erġajt iltqajt ma' Mandy Vella li fl-aħħar xhur kellmitni regolarment f’isem persuni li jbatu mis-Cystic Fibrosis dwar…

Posted by Robert Abela on Friday, 19 March 2021

Trikafta, also known as Kaftrio, costs over €10,000 per patient per month and is the only known treatment for the illness that affects the cells that produce mucus, leading to a build up in lungs and pancreas. Abela claims he had to discuss the decision with health authorities, but wanted to approve the treatment on spot despite the huge costs.


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