Cycling for charity project to help animal sanctuaries in Malta

Cycling for charity project to help animal sanctuaries in Malta
Sep 3 2021 Share

Malta’s very own Iron Man Fabio Spiteri will be hitting the road again to raise much needed funds and more awareness on animal sanctuaries and shelters across the Maltese islands. This will not be the first time the ultra-triathlete has cycled around the neighbouring island for charity. Currently holding the national record of double and triple ironman, Fabio will be embarking on this feat in under 48 hours without any sleep or scheduled stops. 

He will be going for a full 1,000 kilometre distance on his bicycle, with the only other person who has ever broken this record being Italian cyclist Maurizio Mezzasalma, who will also be be joining Fabio as part of his crew. Fabio is well known for his endurance racing and ultra-events, being a very passionate and vocal ambassador for abandoned animals. While a number of organisations are providing sponsorship and support, including GasanMamo Insurance as the main sponsor, Fabio and the animals he is fighting for need more help in raising the 50K needed. 

All donations would be very much appreciated for this incredible and worthy cause. To donate please follow the details listed below. 

Revolut: +356 99816248
Paypal: [email protected]
Paypal: https://paypal.me/RealAnimalRights?locale.x=en_US 

SMS donations 

€ 2.33 | 50617312
€ 4.66 | 50618075
€ 6.99 | 50618923
€ 11.65 | 50619260 

Bank Transfer 

BOV IBAN : MT40VALL22013000000050010082877

The charities which would benefit from this charity are:

  • Animal Care Malta Cat Sanctuary
  • Animal liberation
  • Animal Guardians Malta
  • Association for Abandoned Animals Sanctuary
  • CSAF Sanctuary
  • SPCA Gozo
  • Noah’s Ark Dog Sanctuary
  • SASG
  • The Island Sanctuary
  • Tomasina Cat Sanctuary
  • Animal Protectors Malta
  • Rescues is my Favorite Breed
  • Malta Rabbit Club 1963
  • RMJ Horse Rescue
  • Birdlife Malta
  • Cat feeders
  • Refurbishment of Canicatti dog shelter in Sicily



Photo Source: Steve Zammit Lupi

PN proposes more pedestrian zones in new environment plans

PN proposes more pedestrian zones in new environment plans
Sep 3 2021 Share

The Nationalist Party has made seven new environmental proposals on Friday, with one in particular pushing for more pedestrian zones. This announcement was revealed by environment spokesperson Robert Cutajar alongside MZPN President Gabriel Micallef. Cutajar said that the time of putting up billboards saying the environment is a priority is over as the party plans to make ‘attainable and doable’ proposals. The proposals include everything from creating a tree map and green scoring system for all localities to give back green spaces to the public. 

All localities are set to get pedestrian zones along with protection for farmers and the land they farm while promoting biodiversity in urban spaces. Free access to public spaces, a national fund for the protection of historic buildings and gardens and incentives for residential homes to become environmentally friendly are all part of the PN’s environment-focused plans. Micallef stated that as the opposition, they recognise that the government has made an effort in this regard but it was ‘less comprehensive than the one being proposed today.’


Photo Source: Steve Compagno, Robert Cutajar FB

Recycling record set for Malta’s 2021 reveals Environment Minister

Recycling record set for Malta’s 2021 reveals Environment Minister
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Since WasteServ’s inception in 2002, this year is set to be record breaking in terms of collected recyclables. Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia revealed this whilst visiting the Sant’ Antnin waste treatment plant in Marsaskala. WasteServ has streamlined its operations and managed to surpass the ground lost since 2017. 

Estimates show that for 2021, around 18,000 tonnes of good quality material will be recycled and returned to the economy. This translates into around 5,500 tonnes of cardboard and paper, with 3,500 tonnes of metal, 7,000 tonnes of glass and 2,000 tonnes of plastic. 

The Minister said that this is a confirmation of how the government is working to deliver better environmental contexts for future generations. ‘Hard work combined with the determination to deliver concrete results in a sector that faced stagnation for a number of years, has led to sharp and quick improvements.’ 


Photo Source: Aaron Farrugia FB

Marsa wins first title of Town of Culture and €200,000 fund

Marsa wins first title of Town of Culture and €200,000 fund
Sep 3 2021 Share

Speaking at a press conference, Culture Minister Jose Herrera named Marsa as Malta’s first ever town of culture. The locality will be given a €200,000 fund to implement a cultural programme throughout all of next year 2022, which will see carnival activities, a Christmas village and various other music and fireworks shows. 

The Minister, who contests on the first district which also includes Marsa, praised the council of the locality for their win in the inaugural competition. Herrera described the locality as a hidden gem possessing a number of historical areas which have regenerating potential.Marsa mayor Josef Azzopardi highlighted how this prize will help upgrade Marsa, bringing in the public to see what it has to offer. 


Photo Source: Jose Herrera FB, TheMayor.eu