Customs seize 23 powerboats planned for migrants smuggling

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23 powerboats have been seized by the Maltese Customs Department suspected to be used to smuggle migrants from Libya.

The Strategic Trade and Sanctions Monitoring unit had got light of the issue and cut off 23 containers, each one with a powerboat inside.

The boats were laid off their initial voyage in line with a legal notice intended to mitigate smuggling activities in the Mediterranean.


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Man on bail charged with robbery of mechanic

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A 43-year-old man has been charged with the robbery of a mechanic while being on bail for another theft.

It is reported that the accused stole €500 in cash from a mechanic and was arrested following an investigation and tips from eyewitnesses.

The accused plead not guilty and requested bail.


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2 Lija Athletic players test positive for COVID-19

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Lija Athletic have confirmed that 2 of their players have tested positive for COVID-19.

The two positive players are of foreign nationality and live under the same roof.

Lija Athletic have confirmed that they are taking all necessary precautions including changing the living situations of certain players.


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Cyprus withdraws passport scheme over allegations of abuse

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The Cypriot government has announced that it will be withdrawing its passport scheme over allegations of abuse which were exposed on a television programme.
The programme showed officials helping a supposedly criminally-involved individual obtain a Cyprus passport.

The passport investor scheme generated around seven billion euro, as reported by Cypriot government spokesperson Kyriakos Koushous.

He went on to claim that the government needs to revisit the scheme and adjust its policies to encourage foreign investors.


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