Covid vaccine mandatory for all Italian athletes as of January 10th

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Covid vaccine mandatory for all Italian athletes as of January 10th

Italy’s athletes will have to comply with the new rules authorised by the Italian government in regards to vaccination against COVID-19. 

Coming into mandatory effect as of January 10th, all Italian athletes will have to be jabbed. The green pass has so far been the main tool used, along with a negative test posted within 48 hours or recovering from COVID. 

The Omicron variant has however led to a spike all around the globe, resulting in the tightening of restrictions. The Italian government drew up the new plans, introducing even the Super Green Pass, which means only vaccination status or recent recovery is acceptable. 

Stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, locker rooms or any roofed sporting establishment will no longer allow negative tests as verification. 

This means that athletes will have to be jabbed against the virus as otherwise they would have to wait for post-infection. 

However, this shouldn’t so much of a problem, as the Lega Serie A report 98% of its players having been vaccinated in October.

In comparison, only 68% of English Premier League players were vaccinated in October, rising to 77% just this month. 


Photo Source: Juvefc, Guardian

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First journalist with Māori face tattoo presents news and makes history

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First journalist with Māori face tattoo presents news and makes history

On Monday December 27th, Oriini Kaipara read the news bulletin whilst donning a cultural Māori face tattoo. 

She was filling in for the usual hosts, and in the process made history. The 37-year-old’s chin tattoo is traditionally worn by Māori women and is called a moko kauae. 

It had always been her lifelong dream to read the news sporing it, she revealed, after having gotten the ink in 2017 after discovering she was 100% Māori via a DNA test. 

Kaipara noted how exciting it was and how much she was enjoying being the first woman to have a Māori face tattoo on a primetime news bulletin. ‘It’s definitely a step forward, and a step -up’ she said. 

‘It’s also a big win for this generation and the next 10 generations – don’t let identity or your culture hold you back from anything. In fact, you use it as your power, to be greater and do great things for everyone.’ 

‘It’s breaking new ground for us as Māori, but also for people of colour. Whether you’ve got a moko kauae or not’ she concluded. She is set to read the news on Newshub Live until Thursday 30th. 


Photo Source: Sportskeeda

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The semifinalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have been announced!

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Now that 2021 is almost over, we begin to look forward to the number of events and important moments 2022 holds for us, amongst them the Eurovision Song Contest!

On Wednesday evening, the 22 semifinalists for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 were announced, with a few surprising names in the mix! The Malta Eurovision Song Contest is set to return after a 4-year absence and will feature the likes of Aidan, Richard Micallef, Raquel Galdes Briffa and a shocking entry in Emma Muscat, amongst many others!

The song contest will be broadcasted on Television Malta next February, where 16 finalists will emerge from the 22 contestants revealed today, with the winner of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest final to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy next May.

Who are you rooting for?


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Quarantine period reduced for vaccinated COVID-19 patients

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Quarantine period reduced for vaccinated COVID-19 patients

As of Monday 3rd January, persons who test positive for COVID-19 who have received their booster dose must quarantine for 10 days instead of the previous 14 days; so long as they don’t have symptoms on the final three days of their quarantine.

Meanwhile, individuals who make contact with a COVID-positive person and are in possession of a valid vaccine certificate may use the “early release system” meaning that they can conclude their mandatory quarantine seven days after making contact with the positive person and testing negative via rapid test.

Additionally, from Monday, persons who are considered ‘secondary contacts’, who live in the same residence as individuals who are in direct contact with a positive person, do not have to quarantine if they are vaccinated with a booster dose.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne remarked that while the vaccinations are progressing very well at the moment, vaccine centres in Malta and Gozo will increase from 7 to 24 in order to improve efficacy.


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