COVID-19 vaccine will not be mandatory

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Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Dr. Chris Fearne has just revealed Malta’s Covid-19 vaccine strategy during a special ministerial statement.

During his statement Dr.Fearne has once again highlighted the fact that while the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered for free, it will not be mandatory.

Watch the full ministerial statement below:

LIVE | Stqarrija Ministerjali mid-Deputat Prim Ministru u Ministru għas-Saħħa Chris Fearne dwar il-vaċċin tal-Covid-19

LIVE | Stqarrija Ministerjali mid-Deputat Prim Ministru u Ministru għas-Saħħa Chris Fearne dwar il-vaċċin tal-Covid-19

Posted by saħħa on Monday, December 7, 2020


BREAKING: Chris Fearne reveals COVID-19 vaccine strategy for early 2021

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In a ministerial statement delivered by Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne, it was stated that Malta will have access to vaccines from 6 pharmaceutical companies, in line with preparations from the European Union, with Pfizer, Modern and AstraZeneca appearing to be the most advanced vaccines.

Malta will have access to a minimum of 1,600,000 vaccines from the top pharmaceutical companies and will have the adequate facilities to receive the vaccine requiring cold-chain systems to maintain the appropriate sub-zero temperatures and accommodate the required cold chain system.

JANUARY: Vaccine will be given to health care workers, staff of elderly homes and mental institutions, along with elderly of over 85 years.

FEBRUARY: Vaccine to be given to other front liners and those over 80 in February with those of chronic illnesses, educators/childcare centres and elderly over 70 years.

After, the vaccine will be given to all citizens over 55 years and after that, the rest of the population.


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The fortress returns; Glitch Festival reveal 2021 dates

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If everything goes well, 2021 looks like it’s going to be a good year with everything planned for a post-COVID Malta.

With that in mind, the ever-famous house & techno outing Glitch Festival have revealed their 2021 dates to be between the 13th and 16th August following this year’s postponement and cancellation of the event.

Taking place over 4 days, Glitch Festival is coming back stronger than ever with more exciting additions and our biggest…

Posted by Glitch Festival on Monday, December 7, 2020

This festival has welcomed world-famous acts from Carl Cox to Peggy Gou, Mall Grab, Bicep and so much more at the iconic Gianpula Village and we. are. EXCITED.



Local popular Chinese place hints at second location in the South

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We don’t know about you, but COVID has drastically affected the amount of deliveries we’ve been making and Chinese food can be considered public enemy number one.

It seems like the people over at Yufu are on the same page and are opening a second outlet, hinting at somewhere in the south of Malta.

Popular for their delicious dishes and fresh AF food and packaging, we can’t wait to see where the second YUFU is opening.


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