COVID-19 boosters essential to save Christmas holidays

 - COVID-19 - Oct 24
COVID-19 boosters essential to save Christmas holidays

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has emphasized the COVID-19 booster as being the ‘essential’ tool to save the winter season and all the Christmas holidays. Speaking to ONE’s PaperScan this morning, the health minister pointed to the ongoing booster rollout as being what avoids the reintroduction of restrictions over the coming weeks. Thankfully, the minister did highlight the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta as being under control, with, as of yesterday evening, Mater Dei having 15 patients and three others in the ITU due to COVID-19.

Still, receiving your booster dose when getting an appointment is ‘crucial’, said Fearne, as it will ensure that the upcoming winter holidays can be enjoyed safely and without any restrictions and/or case spikes. Two-thirds of over-70s have already received their booster dose, with new details set to be announced in Parliament tomorrow about how this rollout will trickle down to younger age groups. Defending Malta’s strategy in handling the virus, Fearne revealed he resisted calls to lift all measures as this is a very delicate situation. However, should the epidemiological situation continue to improve as it is, this could become a very real possibility soon.


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