Courage for the economy: Silvio Schembri Reacts to arrival of COVID-19 vaccine

Dec 27 2020 Share

In his first reaction with Malta Daily, Minister for Economy Silvio Schembri explains the amount of courage for the Maltese people AND the Maltese economy upon arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Minister exclaims his enthusiasm in returning to what we formerly recognised as “normality” where we can be close to one another, and hug and kiss like we used to.

Minister for Economy Silvio Schembri's reaction to the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine – a sign of courage for the Maltese people and Maltese economy. 🇲🇹#MaltaDaily

Posted by Malta Daily on Sunday, 27 December 2020

Schembri also reiterated how the Government was quick to take all things into consideration for the vaccine and is amongst the first in the world to begin giving the COVID-19 vaccines, going to explain how confident he in our battle against COVID-19.


€6.5 million+ collected by Istrina in a touching showcase of Maltese unity

Dec 27 2020 Share

L-Istrina is a showcase of the kind heart and relentless courage of the Maltese people, where the fundraising event collected more than €6.5 million for those in need.

2020 has been a turbulent year for many and that may have served as a catalyst for contribution to this year’s Istrina with politicians, sport figures, musicians, influencers and everyone in between sharing and supporting the noble cause.

EXCLUSIVE: First reaction of His Excellency President George Vella after a historic L-istrina 2020!A clear example of the courage of the Maltese people. THANK YOU!#MaltaDaily

Posted by Malta Daily on Saturday, 26 December 2020

In a first reaction with Malta Daily, The President of Malta His Excellency George Vella stated that we need to cultivate something like this and be proud of our progress because unity amongst us is the most beautiful thing one can have.


Mater Dei Nurse is first recipient of COVID-19 vaccine in Malta

Dec 27 2020 Share

As vaccinations begin to arrive in Malta, a nurse from Mater Dei has been the first recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine in Malta.

Vaccinations will start with a limited group on Sunday 27 December with an increase from 2,000 vaccines a week to 20,000 in the coming weeks.


Both Prime Minister Robert Abela and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne were present for the vaccination.


Immunity passport is being discussed between EU member countries

Dec 26 2020 Share

During this morning’s conference, Minister for Health, Chris Fearne confirmed that discussions are underway regarding the COVID-19 immunity passport.

This passport would allow for easier travel for those vaccinated and therefore, ‘immune’ to the COVID-19 virus.


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