Country with biggest penis size revealed – Malta not in top 86

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Country with biggest penis size revealed - Malta not in top 86

Unfortunately, Malta has not made it onto a list which allegedly reveals the country which has largest average penis size. A poll by online pharmacy ‘From Mars’ of 86 nations ranked the sizes from biggest to smallest. 

Pharmacist Navin Khosla, who reviewed the study, said that whether people are concerned about the size or shape, ‘most of us have always wondered at some point or another whether ours is big enough.’ 

According to the study, men in Ecuador are the most well-endowed, with an average penis size of 6.93 inches when erect. This makes the measurement more than 10% of the average height. 

In second place comes Cameroon, with an average size of 6.56 inches, followed by Bolivia (6.50), Sudan (6.48) and Haiti (6.30). And well, there can’t be the biggest size without a smallest size.

The study found that Cambodians have the smallest penis size when erect, coming in at 3.95 inches long. Taiwan is not far off with an average of 4.24 inches. The Philippines is just above with 4.27 inches. 

Now, the poll has surveyed 86 countries from all over the world, but Malta is nowhere to be found on that list. That may suggest a couple of things, but some might prefer to suspect that Malta was simply not included for one reason or another. 


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Easter hotel bookings reach 70% of pre-pandemic 2019

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Easter hotel bookings reach 70% of pre-pandemic 2019

Hotel bookings for Easter averaged over 70% of the amount of bookings during the same pre-pandemic 2019 period. This was revealed by Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association Tony Zahra who speaking to the Malta Independent.

Zahra revealed that 85% of the hotel guests were non-Maltese, with restaurant bookings also doing very well during this Easter period. The locality of the restaurants was a major factor in this, with Zahra saying that Gozitan restaurants had the majority of their customers being Maltese, whereas those in Bugibba saw mainly non-Maltese customers. 

Zahra pointed to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions as being a main contributor to this improved situation, which he welcomed. Zahra expressed cautious optimism about the future, looking forward towards the removal of all restrictions. 

When it came to Gozo, the domestic market was affected by unfavourable wind conditions. Gozo Tourism association CEO Joe Muscat said that this affected pre-made bookings. Easter has always been a busy period, leading to a domestic market increase for Gozo. 

However, the market was not completely like pre-pandemic Easters. The foreign market in Gozo is slowly recovering but certain conditions, like the weather, cannot be accounted for. 


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Willow Smith rocks shaved head at Coachella to support mum Jada

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Willow Smith rocks shaved head at Coachella to support mum Jada

Headlining at Coachella, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow captured everyone’s attention after she rocked the stage with a shaven head. 

The 21-year-old, who is known for her career in the entertainment industry and her 2016 hit ‘Whip My Hair’ did the stunt after a now iconic Oscars slap by her father. 

During the Oscars, Will Smith slapped comedian and presenter Chris Rock after he made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair loss. The incident has since become a meme and a subject of controversy, and even prompted a tweet by Jaden Smith saying ‘And that’s how we do it.’ 

However, Willow has been playing with her hairstyle in such a way for quite a while, even shaving her hair on stage back in 2019. She told Insider that her favourite song in the set is ‘Whip My Hair’ because of how it feels to sing it. 

‘This is going to be my third time in my life shaving my head. I’m always shaving my head at monumental times in my life when things are changing and this is definitely one of those moments.’ 

The first time she shaved her hair was in 2012 during the ‘Whip My Hair’ tour, with her mother debuting a similar hairstyle shortly after inspired by her daughter. Jada revealed Willow convinced her to do it due to her struggles with alopecia. 


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Out with the old as Bernard Grech announces fresh shadow cabinet

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Out with the old as Bernard Grech announces fresh shadow cabinet

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has just unveiled his shadow cabinet, handing his predecessor Adrian Delia one of the highest ranking positions in the portfolio – transport. 

The full list of the shadow cabinet was issued by the Opposition Party late on Monday, but Mario de Marco, Chris Said and Carm Mifsud Bonnici are missing from the list. The three had the finance, Gozo and foreign affairs portfolios respectively before. 

The portfolio given to Delia indicates a return to prominence for the controversial political figure. Delia had previously refused to take on a portfolio in Grech’s shadow cabinet during the last legislature. 

Most members of the previous shadow cabinet had their responsibilities changed. The only exceptions are Robert Arrigo (tourism), Stephen Spiteri (health spokesperson), Karol Aquilina (justice spokesperson) and Ivan Bartolo (social housing).

Meanwhile, popular candidate Joe Giglio took over the Home Affairs portfolio from Beppe Fenech Adami, with the latter moving to Foreign Affairs. Jerome Caruana Cilia landed the finance portfolio, with Alex Borg getting responsibility for Gozo. 

Mark Anthony Sammut will be energy spokesperson, Ryan Callus took Infrastructure and public works, Robert Cutajar will continue as party whip and David Agius remaining deputy leader of the party. Darren Carabott took on the public accounts committee. 

Claudette Buttigieg took on civil liberties and social dialogue, Ivan J Bartolo took on the economy portfolio as well as the ‘new economic sectors’. Newcomers Eve Borg Bonello was handed responsibility for climate change, Julie Zahra art and culture and Rebekah Cilia the lands portfolio. 


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