Controversial World Cup Kiss was ‘Affectionate Mutual Gesture’, Spanish Coach Says

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Controversial World Cup Kiss was 'Affectionate Mutual Gesture', Spanish Coach Says

Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish football federation, is under fire for forcibly kissing player Jennifer Hermoso after Spain’s victory over England.

Rubiales claims it was a “mutual and affectionate gesture,” but disciplinary proceedings have been initiated against him. FIFA imposed a 90-day suspension and ordered him not to contact Hermoso.

Rubiales argued that Hermoso initiated the kiss, lifting him up during the presentation. However, new footage contradicts this, showing Rubiales jumping into the player’s arms. Amidst the controversy, the Spanish coach has issued a statement expressing regret for his actions but denying any aggression, demanding a “fair trial in the name of feminism.”

Hermoso has maintained that the kiss was non-consensual, describing it as “sexist” and “out of place.” This scandal has ignited a heated debate, with Rubiales vowing to defend himself, insisting it’s not about gender but about revealing the truth. As the scandal unfolds, Spanish football remains in turmoil.

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Man Seriously Injured After Early-Morning Incident in Żejtun

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Man Seriously Injured After Early-Morning Incident in Żejtun

A 50-year-old Birżebbuġa resident has sustained serious injuries after being involved in a traffic incident in Triq Tal-Barrani Żejtun at around 3:15AM.

The man was driving a Maruti Gypsy in the early hours of the morning when he, at one point, crashed into a wall, with the police convening on site moments after.

The man was taken to Mater Dei Hospital via ambulance for treatment, with the medical team determining that he had suffered from serious injuries.


“Never-Ending Construction Site”: YouTuber Dismantles Malta in Review Video

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"Never-Ending Construction Site": YouTuber Dismantles Malta in Review Video

A recently-uploaded YouTube video posted by creator Alex Mark Travel has been making the rounds online, with the travel vlogger absolutely dismantling Malta in an unfiltered review video.

Taking to the online platform to review the island, Alex tells his followers to avoid Malta, criticising the island’s “never-ending construction”, garbage-ridden neighbourhoods with “mini dumps”, weak transport infrastructure, lack of green spaces and so much more.

“So, should you come to Malta in 2023? My answer is no,” the YouTuber says as he strolls across Malta’s Qawra-Bugibba area.”I think this is the place in Europe with the biggest number of cranes and construction sites per capita”, Alex says as he walks across the Bugibba promenade, before he goess on to shine a light on the fact that “half of the roads are closed.”

“If you plan on moving and have an option for some first-world countries, take the first world country option,” he says, going on to say that Malta is a promise land for people coming from poor countries. “The salaries here are not keeping up with the prices”, the YouTuber says before comparing Malta with places like Tenerife.

Many took to the comments to share the travel creator’s sentiments, with the video currently standing at 23,000 views.

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6 Maltese Tourists Hospitalised After Head On Collision In Sicily

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6 Maltese Tourists Hospitalised After Head On Collision In Sicily

Six Maltese tourists in Sicily were involved in a head-on collision with a car on via Peppino Impastato between Pozzallo and Modica, resulting in injuries. 

Three men and three women were hurt in the incident, with one woman sustaining a broken hip and others experiencing injuries such as a broken jaw, fractured elbow, and fractured shoulder. 

The car they collided with, a Volkswagen T-Roc, had a driver and two passengers. The car’s front passenger suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to the Cannizzaro di Catania hospital.

Three of the injured Maltese individuals were taken to the Ragusa hospital, including a woman with an elbow fracture who requires air ambulance transport back to Malta, a man with a fractured shoulder, and another man in stable condition. 

The remaining three were admitted to the Modica hospital, with one woman needing hip surgery, while one man has been discharged. Discussions are ongoing between Maltese and Italian health authorities to arrange for the injured woman’s return to Malta via air ambulance. 

The Maltese Embassy in Rome and the consul in Catania are in constant contact with the affected tourists.


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