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Conclusion To Public Consultation On Children’s Rights Politics

Conclusion To Public Consultation On Children's Rights Politics
Feb 16 2024 Share

The Ministry for Social Policy and Children’s Rights has unveiled findings from a recent public consultation aimed at shaping Malta’s forthcoming Children’s Policy Framework 2023-2030. 

This inclusive process actively involved professionals, the public, and children themselves. Minister Michael Falzon underscored the importance of nurturing vital skills and fostering resilience among children, empowering them to become responsible members of society. 

He expressed satisfaction with the feedback received from over 200 children, emphasizing its significance in informing and strengthening policy initiatives. However, he noted a lack of input from opposition members on this crucial matter. 

Permanent Secretary Mark Musu highlighted digital tools such as The Empowering Children App, providing a safe platform for children to voice their thoughts. 

Director General Alexia Vella emphasized continued investment in education, environmental conservation, family dynamics, and parental engagement. Discussions also centered on safeguarding children’s rights within legal frameworks and addressing mental health concerns, including support for physical and emotional well-being. 

Feedback encompassed topics like youth smoking and vaping habits. Overall, the consultation underscores Malta’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being and rights of its youngest citizens.


Two Arrested For Cultivating Cannabis Plants & Cocaine

Two Arrested For Cultivating Cannabis Plants & Cocaine
Feb 16 2024 Share

Investigations in relation to the alleged illegal cultivation of cannabis plants led to the arrest of a 40 year old man resident of Bormla and a 24 year old woman resident of Fgura. 

After investigations, police conducted a search in a residence in Triq San Tumas, Fgura. There, they found around 12 cannabis plants as well as various glass jars filled with packets containing substances suspected to be cannabis and other objects relating to drug trafficking, such as weight scales. 

Another search was conducted in the man’s farm, which is located in Triq Wied il-Għajn, Żejtun, where five other plants of cannabis were found. 

In the woman’s possession was a packet with a substance suspected to be cocaine. 

Magistrate Dr Ian Farrugia LL.D was informed of the find, leading to the ordering of an inquiry. 

Experts were asked to join in the investigation, with the two culprits being held in the Furjana Police General headquarters. 

The two are expected to be arraigned in court at around 1600hrs. 


Apple broke the record for most amount of money lost in a day back in 2020

Feb 16 2024 Share

In 2020, tech giant Apple made headlines by breaking the record for the largest single-day financial loss, as reported by financial news source Barron’s.

The day was September 3rd 2020 when the California based company Apple lost a staggering $180 billion in one day. The company currently has an astonishing value of $2.86 trillion so that would mean Apple lost approximately six percent of it’s entire value in one day.

However, despite enduring what could be considered one of its worst fiscal setbacks, Apple managed to rebound throughout the year. By January 2021, the company had made a remarkable recovery, finishing the year with a 65 percent increase in market value.

With the release of new and groundbreaking products such as the iPhone 15 and more notably the Apple Vision Pro headset which has taken the world and social media alight due to it’s futuristic concept that has potential to begin a new era not only for Apple but for the technology sector as a whole, it is fair to say that Apple have gone from strength to strength since their abysmal day in 2020.



“If I Get A Message From A Deceased Relative, I Pass It On” – Popolin

"If I Get A Message From A Deceased Relative, I Pass It On"
Feb 16 2024 Share

Speaking during Popolin, an audience member opens up about how she discerns when she needs to give a personal message to someone if a deceased relative ‘communicates’ with her. 

Asked by the host Quinton Scerri, she revealed that she will still receive information if she doesn’t know them personally. 

The guest claims to not know how the information comes to her, going to provide anecdotes for other paranormal experiences in her home – moving objects and changing ‘energies’ depending on who enters the house. 

Do you believe in the paranormal?


Source: TVM, Popolin