Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2020 is ‘lockdown’

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If there was some uncertainty as to what we’d remember for 2020, Collins English Dictionary have helped us remember — choosing to call “lockdown” the word of the year. 

“Our lexicographers have selected ‘lock-down’ as the Word of the Year because it is a unifying experience for billions of people around the world who have collectively played their part in combating the spread of COVID-19,” Collins wrote after announcing this to the public. 

“It’s not a shock to remember that lockdown was originally a piece of prison vocabulary: it’s when inmates are confined to their cells because of some disturbance on the wing,” 


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YEEZY 700 V3 “Safflower” Official Look

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The YEEZY 700 V3 “Safflower” is set to release on adidas’ app and at select retailers worldwide on November 14 in adult sizes costing €169.59, kids at €111.46, and infants at €85.54.


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Pandolfino was shot five times including a shot to the heart and face

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Chris Pandolfino, 58, was foundto be shot five times in the lips, ears, chest, heart and stomach. 

Forensic expert Mario Scerri said two bullets had penetrated, while the others had just hit. When asked by civil lawyer Joe Giglio whether Pandolfino suffered when taking his last breaths, Dr. Scerri said that he could not preclude this, but added that the consequence of a shot to the head was the cause of his fast death. 

The only shot fired at 30-year-old was aimed at his face and was enough to cause instant death


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Joe Biden’s Dogs have their own Social Media Accounts

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The dogs of Joe and Jill Biden are about to take over not only the White House, but social media, too. 

Twitter and Instagram accounts were launched by Champ and Big, both German shepherds, letting fans know that the couple is ready to explore 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Their first post read: “Hello America! Hello world! It’s us, Champ and Major. We are the Bidens’ family puppers and First Dogs Elect(s) of USA. We want to thank you all for your suppawrt by sharing our pawsidential adventures here! Woof! Woof!”


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