Coca-Cola Zero Sugar getting a look and taste makeover

 - Business - Jul 14
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar getting a look and taste makeover

Fans of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar are in for a bit of a shock as the company announced that the drink will be getting a makeover – both in terms of taste and design. The drink recipe is set to be slightly tweaked in an effort to make the drink taste more like regular Coke. From the outside, the can will also be acquiring an all red design. The move follows the discontinuation of some struggling brands, with the company putting its focus onto Coke, Coke Zero Sugar and Diet Coke. 

Despite being considered a success, the brand still expects to attract more consumers to the specific beverage. Zero Sugar still represents a small percentage, according to brand CEO James Quincey. The big change-up is influenced by consumer insight and the brand’s focus on constant improvement. Some have already gotten a taste of what the new (and supposedly improved) Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be like. Some diehard fans weren’t too happy with what happened to their favourite drink however, stating that the change was not warranted.


Photo Source: The Coca Cola Company

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