Clubhouse members going to Italy to stay at another European Content House

Feb 8 2021 Share

Henry Galea, Jade Sammut and Sarah Grech of Clubhouse Europe are heading over to Italy for a satay at a Milan Concept house known as Defhouse.


The Clubhouse members are going for a week at this home for social media influencers between the ages of 16 and 20 which was started last October.

A potential sign of more to come from Clubhouse Europe, here’s to wishing the members a good stay and great content to come!


The Weeknd delivers iconic Super Bowl performance

Feb 8 2021 Share

The Super Bowl LV happened last night and while many were looking forward to the Buccaneers’ match against the Chiefs, what we were really waiting for was The Weeknd’s Halftime show performance and we were not disappointed.

Despite the imposition of strict COVID-19 protocols, The Weeknd delivered an iconic neon performance, cementing his place in history as a musical legend during the second-most viewed sporting event in the world no less.

Performing from the rafters, going on to a mirrored room and closing it off with Blinding Lights in the middle of the field, The Weeknd’s performance while restricted, was definitely unforgettable.


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First consignment of AstraZeneca vaccine arrives in Malta

Feb 8 2021 Share

Malta has officially welcomed the first consignment of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which arrived at the Malta International Airport on Sunday at 11PM.

Prime Minister Robert Abela welcomed this consignment with open arms, taking to social media to highlight the arrival of the vaccine as ‘another important milestone in our plan to take us back to normality’.

Nilqa’ l-wasla f’#Malta 🇲🇹 tal-ewwel konsenja tal-vaċċin tal-#AstraZeneca. Dan huwa tragward importanti ieħor fil-pjan effettiv tagħna li għandu jwassalna għan-normalità.

Posted by Robert Abela on Sunday, 7 February 2021

So far, 37,586 vaccines have been administered, with 8,749 being second doses.


Liverpool to play Manchester City this afternoon

Feb 7 2021 Share

Liverpool will be welcoming Manchester City this afternoon at Anfield Stadium! The two teams are currently separated by 7 points in the table after a poor run for Liverpool and a winning streak for Man City.

This match may be more important to Liverpool have a mountain to climb but Man City are currently holding first place.

Klopp isn’t expecting to win the league but to at least qualify with the first four teams.