Claudette Buttigieg Stuns During Wedding Performance

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Current member of Parliament and former Eurovision star Claudette Buttigieg has stunned many with her performance of her iconic hit ‘Desire’ during the wedding of Julian Micallef and former local tv actor Jean Pierre Cassar.

‘Desire’ was released way back in 2000 ahead of that year’s Eurovision. The song quickly became a major hit not only locally but internationally. Buttigieg managed to end up in 8th place of the 2000 Eurovision, to this day still one of Malta’s best result in the competition.

Claudette Buttigieg is also known as an icon in the LGBTIQ+ community as she is a strong activist for their rights, so much so that her song ‘Desire’ was chosen as the official song for UK’s 2001 gay pride.

In the video not only are Buttigieg’s impressive vocals clear but also the festival-like atmosphere around her, which will remain as a long lasting memory in Julian’s and Jean Pierre’s marriage and life.


Malta’s Population To Grow To Over 811,000 By 2070

Malta's Population To Grow To Over 811,000 By 2070
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Over the next fifty years, Malta is set to experience significant demographic shifts, characterized by healthier post-retirement years, an aging workforce, and an unprecedented population surge.

Projections from the finance ministry presented to the European Commission (and as reported by MaltaToday) anticipate the island’s population to reach nearly 811,000 by 2070, a staggering 53% increase from the present 527,000.

This growth will compound Malta’s status as one of the most densely populated places globally, with 1,666 individuals per square kilometer.

Concurrently, there will be a decline in the birth rate, leading to a smaller proportion of young people, while the elderly population, aged over 65, is expected to skyrocket to 33.6%.

Advancements in medicine will further contribute to longevity, with life expectancy for men projected to reach 87 and close to 91 for women by 2070.

Despite a decrease in net migration, the proportion of the elderly in the population will significantly increase, impacting the financial burden on the working-age population, which will decrease from 63.2% to 51.5% by 2070.

Meanwhile, Malta registered the third highest EU life expectancy at 83.6 in 2023. Malta follows Spain (84 years) and Italy (83.8 years). The lowest was registered in Bulgaria at 75.8 years.


Tina The Dog Already Going Viral As Summer Starts!

Tina The Dog Already Going Viral As Summer Starts!
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As summer in Malta returns, that only means one thing…

Well, more than one thing – but one of those is Tina’s Adventures!

Tina and her owner Carmelo are known for taking to St Peter’s Pool for a refreshing dive as they always turn heads and phones towards their adorable duo.


#fyp #malta #dog @nataša 😭❤️

♬ оригинальный звук – ПЕРВЫЙ МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ

Tina is carrying the torch of Titti, her predecessor, who was the Carmelo’s first sea diving pup.

Unfortunately, Titti passed away in 2019 after suffering from heart problems. In honour of Titti’s sea loving spirit, Carmelo introduced the world to Tina.

And she’s already making big views online for this summer 2024. A video uploaded to TikTok by user @supermariceva shows the duo at St Peter’s Pool going for a swim.

The video has already amassed over 360.3K views as well as 21.2K likes. Have you ever spotted Tina at St Peter’s Pool?


McLaren’s Lando Norris Wins First Grand Prix

McLaren's Lando Norris Wins First Grand Prix
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Lando Norris secured his maiden Formula 1 victory at the Miami Grand Prix, showcasing a remarkable performance that saw him climb from sixth to first. Initially trailing behind his McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri, Norris capitalized on a Safety Car period to extend his opening stint, emerging as the race leader after pit stops.


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Despite a brief challenge from Max Verstappen, Norris maintained his position, demonstrating composure throughout the race. Verstappen settled for second place, while Charles Leclerc completed the podium.

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz clashed with Piastri, impacting his race and sending Piastri back to the pits for a new front wing. Sergio Perez finished fifth, with Lewis Hamilton and George Russell salvaging points for Mercedes.


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Yuki Tsunoda secured seventh, with Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon rounding off the top ten. Nico Hulkenberg’s hopes for a top-ten finish faded, leaving him in 11th place. Daniel Ricciardo finished 15th, followed by Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll. Alex Albon finished 19th after a battle with Stroll resulted in a penalty.

Norris’s victory marked McLaren’s first Grand Prix win since 2021, prompting emotional celebrations among the team.


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