Claire Agius Ordway motivates people to pursue fitness goals

Claire Agius Ordway motivates people to pursue fitness goals
Nov 9 2022 Share

Taking to social media, local personality Claire Agius Ordway posted an encouraging testimony to motivate those who might feel on the fence about pursuing fitness gals to go ahead and do so. 

Agius Ordway shared two photos taken 10 years apart from when she was 37 and 47 years old. ‘Went to search in my photos after a good conversation I had.’ 

‘I did this to remember where it started and when fitness was a nightmare for me. […] Do not get discouraged by the cool workout posts or people lifting all sweaty and muscly 9me included).’

She went on to highlight how that is not the hard part. In reality, she stated, it’s the showing up to a gym intimidated and feeling doubt if it’s just another wasted membership.

‘The hardest part is getting used to getting it into your system; getting used to the sore muscles; doubting if you are making all this sacrifice in vain.’ 

‘Asking yourself why you hate this so much when everyone seems to be having the time of their lives sweating their heart out’. She urged people to find a trainer who can help. ‘Then your mindset will change I promise’. 

‘It will not be easy, nothing in life is. Just think of what you want your life to be in 10 years’ time. Start now. Time will pass anyway. You are not too young. You are not too old. Go for it!’


Prime Minister Robert Abela addresses COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Prime Minister Robert Abela addresses COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Nov 8 2022 Share

When addressing COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that measures which truly address climate change must now be implemented.

This can be done by means of robust policies that incentivise investment in the digital economy together with policies that encourage greater use of alternative energy.

During his address to the United Nations meeting on climate change, attended by numerous world leaders, the Prime Minister announced that just like last year in Glasgow, Malta will be doubling its contribution to the International Climate Fund.

Dr Abela added that Malta is implementing its decarbonisation strategy which will lead to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Prime Minister Abela explained how this year, the Maltese Government has also focused on a structured stakeholder dialogue with the private sector, and this has generated a crucial momentum to drive the green and just transition.

The Prime Minister outlined Malta’s presence at COP year after year is a manifestation of the country’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, as well as our resolve to keep the 1.5-degree target alive.

Furthermore Malta is committed to the EU’s ambitious Fit for 55 package, aimed at reducing emissions to thus mitigate global warming.

Dr Robert Abela said that we must go beyond statements of goodwill, as only actions will deliver results that safeguard our environment, and this must be done with commitment and ambition.

Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that this phenomenon is impacting every corner of the world, yet small island states are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change despite being the ones that have least contributed to the release of carbon over the years.

The Prime Minister said that going forward, the future should be based on the equality of nations, without disparity, and added that Malta is probably best placed to serve as a test bed for new technologies that can make a difference.

The Prime Minister also discussed Malta’s willingness to provide assistance to Small Island Development States (SIDS) by sharing best practice, including on water management.

He also added that Malta will be offering scholarships to students from these islands, to undertake climate related studies at the University of Malta.

Furthermore, Malta is supporting other countries in their decarbonisation efforts, and recently sent medical assistance to Pakistan following the devastating floods as part of our support to countries experiencing climate-related disasters.

The Prime Minister said that the sea level rises caused by climate change should not affect any rights which islands and coastal nations currently have over their land and maritime jurisdiction.

Dr Abela concluded that the green revolution will lead to shared benefits including affordable clean energy, healthy air, and enough food for all.

This transition must be delivered for our people and our future.

Earlier on, the Prime Minister also addressed a High-Level meeting on water security where he shared Malta’s best practice in water sustainability.


Kurt Calleja and friends to host live concert at Gianpula Main Room

Kurt Calleja and friends to host live concert at Gianpula Main Room
Nov 8 2022 Share

After hyping it up for weeks, local singer-songwriter Kurt Calleja has officially announced the date of his concert.

The Maltese Eurovision participant and winner of the most recent edition of Mużika Mużika will be performing live at Gianpula Main Room on Friday 2nd December for ‘Kurt Calleja LIVE in Concert’.

Calleja will be joined by a number of friends on stage and will hopefully be performing a number of local favourites like his Mużika Mużika winner ‘Bla Tarf’ and Maltese Eurovision classic ‘This Is The Night’.



The Watcher & Monster are coming back to Netflix for a second season

Nov 8 2022 Share

Streaming giant Netflix has revealed that they are bringing back hit series ‘The Watcher’ for a second season and turning ‘Monster’ into an anthology with two more seasons.

Created by prolific entertainment figures Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ hit screens on September 21st before becoming a global hit while ‘The Watcher’ premiered on October 13 to widespread acclaim.

After the first season became the platform’s second most popular English show season ever, Netflix has revealed that the next two instalments of ‘Monster’ will focus on two other equally monstrous figures ‘who have impacted society’.

Meanwhile, the captivating story of ‘The Watcher’ boasts the show-runners’ masterful storytelling chops, with one captivating episode after the other leading to an ending which definitely left us wanting more (don’t worry, no spoilers).

Have you watched either of the two series?