Cinemas and theatres will not need to social distance as of Monday in regulation-backtrack

 - Local - Jan 14
BREAKING: No need for social distancing in cinemas and theatres

A recent post by the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association has revealed that cinemas and theatres will operate as they were and will not need to enact social distancing as of Monday.

According to the health authorities’ recently-published guidelines, which will come into effect as of Monday, cinemas and theatres were to reinstitute social distancing, which had caused considerable frustration within the industry.

The standards called for the presentation of a valid vaccination certificate upon entry, but also required individuals in cinemas and theatres to be seated at a minimum of 1.5 metres apart. This was seen as a step back from what was taking place in previous months, with cinemas and theatres allowing vaccinated individuals to sit next to each other.

MEIA President Howard Keith Debono not only stated that the situation is deteriorating for such establishments but suggested that discrimination was taking place against the arts and entertainment industry. As of Monday, a valid vaccine certificate will need to be presented to enter a significant number of establishments across the country.

More on this as it develops.


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