Chris Fearne reports another day of zero new COVID-19 cases

Chris Faearne reports another day of zero new COVID-19 cases
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Earlier today, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne took to Facebook to announce that no new COVID-19 cases were registered over the past 24 hours as Malta continues its journey towards normality.

Posted by Chris Fearne on Saturday, 12 June 2021

Hundreds of Maltese citizens welcomed the positive news in the comments section as Malta’s active case number will see another decrease today while vaccination numbers will continue to rise.

Yesterday, Malta registered 2 new COVID-19 cases and 4 recoveries, leaving the active case number at 62.


Thousands flock to St. George’s Bay after establishments close at midnight

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Tensions continue to rise amongst many as increasingly large crowds in the thousands are flocking to St. George’s Bay on a weekly basis after establishments close at midnight.

Many individuals and organisations expressed their frustration with this situation, among them Malta’s culture and entertainment industry campaign Restart, who have been proposing controlled events with limited attendance and vaccine certificates amongst other measures.

A survey published by ILLUM revealed 74% of Maltese believe that clubs should open for those who are fully vaccinated, with 21% disagreeing and 5% unsure of what should happen.


Alan Turing: Heroic Life and Tragic Death

Alan Turing: Heroic Life and Tragic Death
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Alan Turing was instrumental in beating the Axis Forces during World War II. Considered by many to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, his intelligence contributed to ending one of the world’s bloodiest conflicts. However, he was not awarded for this achievement – quite the opposite in fact. And all because of his sexuality.

In the 1950s, homosexuality was illegal in the United Kingdom. Despite this, Turing was fairly open about his sexual orientation. Having started a relationship at the age of 39, he was later discovered after his fiancee burgled his house and his sexuality emerged during the case. He was imprisoned for ‘indecency.’

One of Turing’s biggest contributions came when the war broke out in 1939. He helped to tackle the very difficult problem of deciphering German naval Enigma, which were a series of codes used by the enemy forces to pass information. By cracking the code, Turing gave the Allied Forces several advantages to beat their enemy before they could act.

Despite his contributions, which included developing more complicated technology to aid the war effort, being homosexual was for the UK at the time too much of a problem. He was forced to take ‘medication’ to correct his sexuality, but it simply affected him negatively.

Turing allegedly took his own life in 1954, found by a maid with a slightly eaten apple. It was discovered that the apple had been laced with cyanide, prompting many to believe he committed suicide. Some however believed Turing was deliberately poisoned due to fear of him leaking vital information in retribution for all the pain he suffered.

Alan Turing was, whatever his actual cause of death, an incredibly intelligent man, scientist, mathematician, logician and philosopher. Granted a pardon by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013, his contributions to science and all of humanity are to be remembered. And his heroic deeds go beyond what other people believe about one’s sexuality.


Photo Source: DW

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Famous logos and their mythical origin

Famous logos and their mythical origin
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Many think that Nike’s logo is check mark but in actuality, it represents a single wing. And not just any wing but the wing of Greek goddess of victory Nike… hence the name. The name hints at the brand’s suggestion that wearing Nike leads to victory itself.



Starbucks’s logo is represented by a twin-tailed siren that suggests desire to their coffee. Sirens were beautiful mythical creatures which lured men to a drowning death. Despite not drowning people in coffee, the brand hits at their products being immensely desirable.


Goodyear is an American tire manufacturing company which hints at its transportation enhancing services through the winged sandal. The footwear belonged to Hermes, Greek deity of travel and messengers – boding safe travels to all who use their tyres to roam around.


Should Versace’s logo have actual mystical power, we would all be turned to stone. This is because the fashion company uses the head of Medusa, a Gorgon who turned people to stone whenever they looked at her. The intention was to make those who used their products as being so enamoured with them that they would be forever bound to it.




Ajax pops up in multiple logos – whether it be the Amsterdam Football Club or the popular detergent brand. The name makes reference to Ajax, a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War who fought on the side of the Greeks. Well, at least that’s what one Ajax did – Ajax the Great. Ajax the Lesser was also another separate figure from Greek myth.


The connections between the myth and the broadcasting network’s logo are rather vague, but quite noticeable. According to myth, Greek goddess Hera had a monster with hundreds of eyes. After Hermes killed the monster, Argus, Hera took his eyes and spread them onto a peacock’s feathers. Thus, the broadcasting network casts its vision on every story it addresses similar to how Argus could see everything.


The name for the Danish jewellery manufacturer brand makes reference to a particular myth from Greek mythology about a woman created solely to punish humanity. There are multiple renditions of the story, but the general outline explains how she was created by the gods and subsequently opened a jar which contained all the evils of the world.