Chris Fearne chosen to join One Health World Leaders group

Nov 20 2020 Share

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne has been chosen to join an international group of professionals which provide advice and guidelines to world health institutions like the WHO, the World Organisation for Animal Health and more. 

The group will be focusing on Antimicrobial Resistance, a procedure by which populations control the spread of microbes which can lead to the spread of medicine-resistant illnesses. 

Fearne stated how honoured he is to be an ambassador for Malta in such a prestigious group which will overlook the health of populations around the world.


People in Malta are re-selling PS5s for €1000

Nov 20 2020 Share

November has been a great year for re-sale, from kicks to consoles, people can’t get enough of the sales business and Sony’s PS5 has become a hot commodity for these types of sales.

Selling out at most local outlets, the PlayStation 5 has become a sought out piece of tech and locals from Ħamrun look to capitalise on this demand, advertising a PS5 ’in hand’ for a whopping €1,000.

Most outlets around Malta have promised another supply of PlayStations very soon, but for those who can’t wait.. Ħamrun is the place to go to.


Bar in Rome bans all talk of COVID-19

Nov 20 2020 Share

“È vietato parlare di Coronavirus.” 

A bar in Rome has stuck handwritten posters right above their countertops which forbid any and all talk having to do with COVID-19. 

This includes anything from lockdown, cases, epidemiology, virology or anything in between, as the bar manager stated that the management chose to lighten the atmosphere.

Italy has been one of the foremost counties to crumble under the effect of COVID-19 and albeit little, the effects left by this bar may appeal for some courage.


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Mexico senate approves bill to legalise weed

Nov 20 2020 Share

The Senate of Mexico has just approved a bill which allows people to carry a maximum of 28 grams of marijuana on them at any time whilst also permitting the growth of as much as four plants. 

Elsewhere, marijuana retailers would be allowed to sell it to adults as long as it complies to laws of psychoactive ingredients. 

The law is awaiting approval by the lower house of Congress before it enters legislation, but if it does, Mexico would become the third country in the world to legalise the drug.