Chris Fearne appointed President of 46th World Health Assembly

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Chris Fearne appointed President of 46th World Health Assembly

Maltese Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has been appointed president of the World Health Assembly, which is the policy-making body of the World Health Organisation. 

The anointment took place on Sunday, which Fearne described as a great honour for him personally as well as Malta. 

The Health Assembly convenes annually in Geneva, Switzerland, with the post carrying a one-year term. Fearne will be the president of the 46th edition and will still retain his duties with the Maltese government. 

This comes after Fearne was repeatedly singled out for his highly praised handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Malta by the likes of WHO Europe Regional Director Hans Kluge. 


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Over 75,000 turn up for Metsola’s Moldova speech

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Over 75,000 turn up for Metsola's Moldova speech

According to initial police estimates, over 75,000 people rallied in the centre of capital city Chisinau as EP President Metsola delivered a speech concerning membership of the country in the EU.


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The country, formerly a Soviet republic, applied in 2022 to join the EU and became a candidate in June of that same year along with Ukraine. 

The EP President addressed the crowd, urging them to ‘hold steady, keep strong. The world can hear the heart of Europe beating on the streets of Chisinau.’ 

‘Moldova will make Europe stronger, safer and more free. We will be with you all the way. Together there is nothing we cannot face.’


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This of course amidst increasing tension with Vladimir Putin’s Russia as neighbouring Ukraine continues to repel back the invasion. The bid by Moldova to join the EU was largely prompted following the war in Ukraine. 



Tributes pour for 17-year-old Kacey Sciberras who tragically lost her life

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A heartbreaking social media post by the Kumitat Festa Marija Sultana tal-Martri San Pawl il-Baħar AD 1969, explained that the teenage girl who tragically lost her life in the 3am Attard accident is Kacey Sciberras.

Kacey was one of their beloved members and was an active participant in the Young Committee.

“The entire community is in shock and extends their sincere condolences to Kacey’s father, Jason, a member of the Festa Committee, her mother, Doris, her brother Kyle, who serves as the cashier, and all their relatives. The loss of a vibrant young member of the community is deeply felt by all.”

They described Kacey as very dedicated and involved in the committee, and that her hard work will forever be remembered. “her absence will be keenly felt during future festivities.”

The community is also praying for the recovery of another young member of the Youth Committee, Luke Debattista. Luke suffered serious injuries and is currently receiving care in the intensive care unit. 


24 individuals found living in Malta illegally

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Police inspections in Hamrun and Qormi uncovered 24 irregular immigration cases.

In a recent operation, the Police, assisted by Detention Services officers, conducted inspections targeting irregular immigration in the areas of Hamrun and Qormi. This initiative aimed to address the growing concern surrounding unauthorised residency in the country.

As a result of these inspections, a total of 24 individuals hailing from several African nations, including Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali, Ivory Coast, Benin, Guinea, Niger, Ethiopia, and Somalia, were discovered living irregularly. Prompt action was taken, and the individuals were relocated to a Detention Center to initiate the necessary procedures for their departure from the country.

Irregular immigration poses various challenges to countries worldwide, including issues related to border control, national security, and social integration. Malta, like many other nations, faces the task of addressing this complex issue in a humane and efficient manner. The recent inspections conducted in Hamrun and Qormi reflect the authorities’ commitment to enforcing immigration laws and ensuring the integrity of their borders.

During the inspections, law enforcement officers identified 24 individuals residing irregularly within the communities. These individuals originated from diverse African countries, highlighting the global nature of migration and the complex web of factors that drive people to seek new opportunities or refuge in foreign lands.

While their specific circumstances may vary, ollowing the discovery of irregular residency, the individuals were promptly transferred to a Detention Center. This facility serves as a temporary holding area while the necessary processes are initiated to address their immigration status. These procedures aim to ensure that those found residing irregularly do not remain in the country.

Photo Source: Malta Police Force Communications Dept.


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