Chef Sean Gravina Imagines What A Toddler’s Schedule Would Be

Chef Sean Gravina Imagines What A Toddler's Schedule Would Be
Apr 24 2024 Share

Chef Sean Gravina took to social media to share a wholesome video of what he would imagine a toddler’s schedule would be like.

In a TikTok video, Sean imagines himself as one of his kids – Harry and Gigi – and pretends to plan a schedule for the next day.


Toddlers Scheduling their day #notcomedy #thisisreal

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The kids plan to make a ruckus upon being woken up for the day, but given that they were given a treat by the teacher the day before, they plan to behave.

However, they will still probably steal a sandwich from one of their friends and then proceed to throw the rest on the floor.

They will also take every opportunity to jump into holes full of water and then ask – or rather, demand – that their dad take them to McDonald’s.


Nationalist Party Proposes Updating Definition Of Environment

Nationalist Party Proposes Updating Definition Of Environment
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The Nationalist Party in Malta is advocating for environmental protection to be recognized as a Fundamental Right in the country’s Constitution.

This commitment was highlighted during a news conference by Shadow Ministers Rebekah Borg and Darren Carabott, along with European Parliament Election Candidate Norma Camilleri.

They expressed concern over the lack of government focus on environmental issues, citing instances such as the felling of nearly 4000 protected trees since 2017.

The party proposes a significant legislative change to elevate environmental protection in Malta’s legal framework through public consultation and a Draft Law presentation.

Four Recommendations:

Enforcing Environmental Laws: Granting authority for enforcement where Courts identify potential environmental damage.

Expanding Environmental Definition: Defining ‘Environment’ to encompass air, water, land, ecosystems, and all natural and physical resources affecting human life.

Considering Social and Cultural Factors: Recognizing environmental conditions alongside social coherence and cultural attributes.

Removing Personal Interest Requirement: Eliminating the need for personal interests to initiate constitutional cases related to the environment in Maltese Courts, facilitating public and organizational scrutiny.


Young MEP Candidate Celebrates Memory Of Late Mum

Young MEP Candidate Celebrates Memory Of Late Mum
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Young MEP candidate Miriana Calleja Testaferrata de Noto took to social media to open up about and celebrate the memory of her mother, who died four years ago.

The young MEP candidate explains that she will be commemorating her late mother – who supported her throughout her entry journey into the political sphere – with little but meaningful gestures.

Taking a cup of coffee and some flowers, Miriana goes on to say that she will be attending a mass in her mother’s favourite church.

‘Today, after four years, I am choosing to celebrate her memory instead of only crying over it’.

She explains that the experience of losing her mother was devastating and life changing, but she chooses to take the good out of the bad and celebrate her and the love she showed her.

Miriana acknowledges how many people are experiencing similar situations, but encouraged people to keep remembering their loved ones to keep them alive in this way.


Push For More Female Representation In Local Councils

Push For More Female Representation In Local Councils
Apr 24 2024 Share

Government Equality Commissioner Renee Laiviera emphasized the need for comprehensive reforms within local councils to enhance gender inclusivity during a recent announcement.

As Malta prepares for the upcoming local council elections on June 8, which coincides with the European Parliament elections, Laiviera highlighted the strong performance of female candidates at the ballot box. However, she expressed concern over the insufficient number of women standing for election.

The data presented by Laiviera in a report on women’s representation within local councils reveals a notable parity between the percentage of female candidates and elected female councillors.

In the previous local council elections, women comprised 26 percent of candidates and 25.6 percent of elected councillors.

The report identified specific localities where male councillors dominate, such as Valletta, Vittoriosa, Żebbuġ, Dingli, Għajnsielem, Ta’ Kerċem, Nadur, and Xagħra. Conversely, Żejtun boasts a council with more women than men.

To address these disparities, Laiviera proposed a series of recommendations from the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality. These include policy initiatives to combat online and offline abuse faced by councillors, modifications to meeting times and formats, revisions to councillor pay structures, and changes to the election process for filling vacant council positions.

Parliamentary Secretary Alison Zerafa Civelli confirmed that the government intends to implement legislative changes, including the removal of registration fees for candidates, while Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Buttigieg noted the Labour Party’s efforts to field a substantial number of female candidates in the upcoming local council elections.