Cheese lovers alert as McDonald’s unveil three cheddar flavoured burgers

Cheese lovers alert as McDonald’s unveil three cheddar-flavoured burgers
Feb 12 2022 Share

We’ve got some great news for the tastebuds of McDonald’s fans and cheese lovers. McDonald’s Malta have just unveiled three new burgers all centred around cheddar cheese.

Posting to their social media platforms, McDonald’s have announced three new sandwiches – the Chicken Cheddar, Beef Cheddar and Cheesy Cheddar.

With one burger for every day of the weekend, McDonald’s Malta have been stepping up their game with every new release. This time around, it’s all about cheese – making sure to give their loyal customers what they love.

Whether you prefer beef or chicken, or simply want to try out more cheddar, all three are topped off with a crispy cheddar patty and the signature McDonald’s flavours. 

Teased back in early February, McDonald’s raised some hype for their latest release by announcing the main star of the show – cheddar. And now that they’re out, we can’t wait to give them a bite. 


Has Malta got a new super couple – Drakard and Lisa Gauci

Has Malta got a new super couple - Drakard and Lisa Gauci
Feb 12 2022 Share

If you’ve been keeping up with X-Factor Malta Season 3, the voices and talent of two young budding artists Lisa Gauci and Drakard are sure to have caught your attention.

But now, speculations have surfaced that the two young singers might me Malta’s next super couple. After a story takeover by host Ben Camille, the two were snapshotted backstage cuddling up close.

The host even went so far as to throw in some heart eyes emoji’s as a filter, and Drakard’s arm around Lisa fanned the flames even more. 

The two artists met at X-Factor and both were fan favourites, receiving standing ovations and nothing but praise by the judges. But if the rumours are true, the couple will have to set their connection apart for tonight as they battle it out in the finals. 

Some rumours had already started when the two had went on stage holding hands when the four finalists were announced. But many simply pointed out this could have good sportsmanship as Ryan and Cheryl did so too.

We’re sure that, if of course they are in fact actually dating, the singers can manage a bit of professional competition on stage. And who knows – should one of them win, the other would have more reason to celebrate!

XFactor Malta Season 3 airs tonight, with finalists Lisa and Drakard accompanied by Cheryl Balzan and Ryan Hili vying for the prize. 



Photo Source: Ben Camille IG

A Wii Sports sequel is coming to Nintendo Switch after 13 years

A Wii Sports sequel is coming to Nintendo Switch after 13 years
Feb 11 2022 Share

After 13 years since establishing itself as a gaming classic, Nintendo has announced that a Wii Sports sequel is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch.

When the Wii launched in 2006, it took over the world with its widespread appeal, attracting avid gamers looking for a lighter style of play whilst also capturing the interest of families searching for a communal activity. Ticking such boxes at a super-reasonable price point made the Wii the ideal family consol and on top of all this was Wii Sports, a game which brought together the youngest of children to grandparents and everyone in between with simple graphics and understandable mechanics.

Wii Sports went on to become the system’s best-selling game of all time, with its Motion Plus-utilising sequel Wii Sports Resort arriving after a few months and now, Wii Sports for Nintendo Switch. The release will reportedly include Tennis, Soccer, Bowling, Volleyball, Chambara and Badminton, with Golf to be added later in 2022 as part of a few update.

Do you remember playing Wii Sports?


Over 75% of Malta’s 112 emergency calls were invalid or fake, minister reveals

Over 75% of Malta's 112 emergency calls were invalid or fake, minister reveals
Feb 11 2022 Share

In a recent address by Minister for Home Affairs Byron Camilleri, it was revealed that more than three our of every four calls to emergency line 112 were either invalid or fake.

The minister revealed how the emergency hotline received close to 340,000 calls in 2021, with 260,000 of them either being for another entity or being “deliberately abusive.” While the 112 line is manned by the Malta Police Force, the issues presented during the calls are handled between the police, army, civil protection and ambulance service.

Camilleri urged the public not to misuse the emergency hotline as it takes up time from those truly in need. At a recent presentation outside the Zabbar primary school on European 112 day, school children were given a demonstration on such responses, with Camilleri and Education Minister Clifton Grima revealing that around 83,000 genuine calls were made in 2021, with the most common request being for paramedics and ambulances.


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