Chaos in St. Julian’s As Bus Blocks Ambulance

Chaos in St. Julian's As Bus Blocks Ambulance
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A bus driver in Malta sent social media into a frenzy on Thursday for allegedly blocking an ambulance

A viral video, captured in St. Julian’s on Wednesday, shows a stationary bus halted at the roadside. Later in the video, it reveals the bus driver on the phone, looking worried, while an ambulance staff member speaks to him. One could also see a stationary concrete mixer in front of the bus.

The footage has since sparked online debate, shows a small gap between the bus and a wall, leading some viewers to suggest that the driver should have moved the bus closer to the wall to clear the way. However, this manoeuvre was deemed too risky by the transport authorities, considering the safety of the passengers on board.

While some social media did not shy away from criticising the driver, others came to his defence, pointing out the presence of the large truck blocking the bus, which made any immediate movement impossible and dangerous.

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Malta to Welcome More Injured Children from Gaza

Malta to Welcome More Injured Children from Gaza
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Prime Minister Robert Abela condemned the recent attack by Iran on Israel and emphasised the necessity for de-escalation on the Israeli side, advocating for an immediate and lasting ceasefire in the Middle East.

In a pre-summit interview with TVMnews, Abela shared his encounter with Israeli families who have relatives held hostage by Hamas.

Describing the scene as heartbreaking, he vowed to convey their plea to the European Council to embrace their loved ones once more and to urge for an end to the ongoing conflict.

Additionally, Abela announced Malta’s commitment to providing care for more Palestinian children who have sustained serious injuries due to the turmoil in the region.

Underlining the suffering experienced by both sides since October 7, he emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian intervention and a strong message of peace from the European Council.

As tensions persist in the Middle East, Abela’s message resonates with a call for compassion, healing, and a resolute commitment to peace.

During his time in Brussels, the PM also met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to discuss the current issue in the Middle East, stating “From fostering peace to prioritising humanitarian aid, stability remains paramount for our Mediterranean region.”


‘Tottenham Legends’ Dine at Trattoria Da Pippo

'Tottenham Legends' Dine at Trattoria Da Pippo
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Tottenham Hotspur legends Ledley King, Gary Mabbutt, and Osvaldo Ardiles recently enjoyed a meal together at the popular Trattoria Da Pippo in Malta.


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This well-known dining spot is famous for hosting celebrities, and its walls are adorned with photos of famous visitors like Pedro Pascal, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Luke Evans, among others.

The restaurant’s owner, Cain, shared his excitement about having the three football icons at his establishment. He posted a photo with King, Mabbutt, and Ardiles, expressing his honour in hosting them for dinner. Trattoria Da Pippo continues to be a favourite spot for both local personalities and international stars looking for a fine meal in a welcoming atmosphere.

The visit by these Tottenham legends adds to the restaurant’s reputation as a gathering place for notable figures from around the world.


Malta’s Role As UN Security Council President in NYC

Malta's Role As UN Security Council President in NYC
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Minister Ian Borg, who oversees foreign affairs in Malta, recently discussed Malta’s role as President of the United Nations Security Council this April. Speaking to Malta Daily, he explained that Malta will try its best to fulfil its duties during this important time.

Malta is known for being open and honest in how it handles foreign matters, always supporting peace. Even though Malta can’t perform miracles, Minister Borg stated, he assured that the country will do everything it can to help maintain peace around the world.

He also pointed out that there are several ongoing conflicts globally that don’t get enough attention, like the crisis in Sudan. Minister Borg hopes that during Malta’s presidency, these issues will be highlighted more. Additionally, Malta will look into the situation regarding Palestine and its potential membership in the UN, which is a significant issue in international relations which has .

Overall, Minister Borg wants Malta’s time as president to help bring more focus to global crises and contribute positively towards international peace efforts.