Cats on the Menu: Cat Gourmet Butcher page causes uproar on local social media

Cats on the Menu: Cat Gourmet Butcher page causes uproar on local social media
Oct 21 2022 Share

Local social media was taken by storm after a Facebook page titled ‘Cat Gourmet Butcher’ was launched, sparking many to flood the page’s posts with comments condemning the act of killing cats for meat. 

The page introduced the business as a ‘small family-run business, specialising in feline meat. All our produce is currently grown in Poland an France but we are planning to start a local organic farm in Malta in the very near future.’ 

This did not go down well for many Maltese as the page continued to post – showing off big knives set to be used for butchering the cats as well as promoting their kitten into veal menu option. 

However, given the local context, the page could be pure satire. Despite some commenters taking it completely serious, others seem to be in on some joke. 

‘Is it enough 1 kitten’ one asked. ‘I usually eat half an adult rabbit.’ Another simply stated: ‘I hope this is a f***ing joke.’ Others were utterly baffled by how the government and the health authorities approved their business. 

Others were full on into the ironic comments: ‘Finally, some alternative the usual boring cow, pig and chicken flesh! Can i ask, are they organic? And will kitten flesh be available anytime soon! Absolutely love me some cat bacon.’ 

Speaking to MaltaDaily, Katerina Younes, the vegan activist and member of Animal Liberation Malta group behind the page, stated that: 

There’s a huge hypocrisy around how we treat animals of different species. We wanted to make people realise that the way they felt about these cats is exactly the way vegans feel about any other animals who are being bred and slaughtered solely for people’s taste buds. 

We received a massive response, especially from people who identified themselves as animal lovers, who were upset and devastated, including violent threats.

Why do we give certain animals names, take them home with us, love them and cry when they get sick and die, but then stick a number on the ears of other animals and treat them as commodities?

Animals are equal and deserve to be treated equally, the only difference is your perception.


People are losing their minds realising what ‘ASOS’ actually stands for

People are losing their minds realising what ‘ASOS’ actually stands for
Oct 21 2022 Share

People are only just now realising what the name of fashion retailer ASOS actually stands for – and no it’s not just an assortment of letters made to sound nice. 

Like other words such as GIF or laser (you might want to look those up), ASOS is an acronym based on its original name which was condensed to make it catchier. 

And people are only now coming to the realisation via an online trend as is typical of internet culture. It turns out ASOS actually stands for ‘as seen on screen’ [insert mind-blown emoji here].

The fashion brand launched in 2000 and was called As Seen on Screen as the name suggests you could buy versions of clothes which appeared on your favourite TV series, films or commercials. 

The brand used to pair with major celebrities and offer up styles worn by these recognisable faces. This would urge people to buy clothes directly from ASOS, having seen their favourite icon donning whatever it may be. 

When it expanded its retail, the brand decided that the name would no longer communicate their goals efficiently. Luckily the name could be squashed into a handy and catchy title. So now you know, and you can be ‘that’ person dropping trivia at the party. 


5 incredibly-predictable costumes we’re expecting this Halloween weekend

5 incredibly-predictable costumes we're expecting this Halloween weekend
Oct 20 2022 Share

Halloween is almost with us and, while we can’t wait to rock a costume and join in on the spooky celebrations, there are a few looks which we can see coming from a mile away. Of course, Halloween is all about having a good time, but originality always comes with bonus points: here are 5 incredibly-predictable costumes we’re expecting this Halloween weekend.

Stranger Things

Halloween costumes are all about delving into the scary, spooky and supernatural and, considering what a monstrous global hit Stranger Things was, we can’t imagine a Halloween scenario without a Stranger Things costume. Whether you’re going for a classic Eleven look or something a bit different such as Max or Eddie Munson, make sure you look fresh AF whilst Running Up That Hill.


We’ve seen this costume one too many times. The red make-up, bunny ears and whiskers have been an annual Halloween trope for as long as we can remember and we don’t see things changing anytime soon. Whilst respecting the effort made for an otherwise predictable costume… we do think you could do a little better this year.

Squid Game

This is inevitable: every single year you’re bound to find a handful of people who weren’t in the mood of coming up and shopping for a new Halloween costume, so they just wear what was hot last year. As you know, last year’s Halloween celebrations were dominated by green tracksuits & pink jumpsuits & the probability is that if those same people can’t find the time to shop for a fresh look, they’ll resort to whatever they find from last year.

Harley Quinn

The pop culture influence continues with this one. The past years have truly been a superhero resurgence in films and television series and few came out with the same amount of fanfare as DC’s Suicide Squad and what better costume to wear that the Queen of Crime herself, Harley Quinn. If you are going to wear a Harley Quinn costume, however, make sure you rock a huge mallet as part of the costume.

Jeffrey Dahmer

The mere idea of a costume inspired by the American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer caused quite a bit of controversy online for its macabre reminder of what went down between the ’70s and ’90s but despite this, we still forecast a few people going ahead with it. Individuals posting photos of themselves costumed-up as the Milwaukee Cannibal received a tonne of backlash and rightly so, so if you’re planning your Halloween costume this year… be aware.

What are YOU dressing up as this year?


Things that lasted more than Liz Truss’ time as UK Prime Minister

Things that lasted more than Liz Truss' time as UK Prime Minister
Oct 20 2022 Share

In a news headline that echoed across the world, Liz Truss has just resigned as UK Prime Minister, bringing a some-45-day tenure to an end after weeks of controversy… here are a few things which lasted longer.

Kim K & Kris Humphries’ marriage

Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage to American former professional basketball Kris Humphries outlasted Liz Truss’ Prime Ministership by 28 days. The U.S. influencers’ marriage become a global meme after the couple broke ties only a few weeks after their wedding.

The Tesco Lettuce

Initially erected as a caricature of Truss herself, a Tesco-purchased head of lettuce costing 68 cents became the stuff of national interest after UK newspaper The Daily Star asked whether it would actually manage to outlast Liz Truss as UK PM… well, there you have it.

Boris Johnson

After his dramatic hasta la vista exit, Boris Johnson’s term as UK Prime Minister became one of the shortest in modern history. In between shocking statements and utterings of absolute nonsense, Johnson’s tenure was definitely memorable, but Truss’ time truly topped it. What’s more is that many are calling for Johnson’s return to the Prime Minister seat.

A Nokia 3310’s battery life

Everyone knows that this iconic phone’s endurance is the stuff of legend and whether it’s being thrown down a few floors or left untouched for days, we’re sure it can go the distance. You think Liz Truss faced difficult situations, imagine this phone in the 2000s.

A carton of long-life milk

If preserved in decent temperatures, an unopened carton of long-life milk can have a shelf life of between six and nine months. Of course, the conditions of your kitchen cupboard are much less distressing than the UK’s socioeconomic status at the moment, but we’re fairly certain that it would last more than 45 days.

What else do you know lasted longer?